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2017 Federal Budget

Discussion in 'Australia' started by surfboy, May 9, 2017.

  1. surfboy

    surfboy Active Member

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    Hi folks

    It looks like the budget will lift the freeze on MBS items for GP consultations from 1 July 2017 and for specialists from 2018.

    So, where does Podiatry for into all of this? Will we get a lift on the allied health MBS freeze?
  2. surfboy

    surfboy Active Member

    Found the answer in the Sydney morning herald folks:

    "Rebates will also once again be indexed from July 2019 for specialist procedures and allied health services. And bulk-billing incentives for GPs will also be indexed from July 2017."

    So it looks like we have to wait for over another TWO YEARS for indexation for Podiatry services. Absolutely pathetic.

    The GPs will have their indexation increased next month, specialist consultations next year in 2018, and we are last on the list in 2019 alongside specialist procedures.

    Absolutely disgraceful.

    TPCMAN Member

    Do you know how much the indexation is for GP's next month? It's a shame that podiatry is still being ignored and it's really up to the APodC to boost the national interest of our profession.
  4. NewsBot

    NewsBot The Admin that posts the news.

    APodC response to the Federal Budget 2017/2018

    10th May 17
    A message from APodC CEO - Nello Marino
    From a podiatry and allied health perspective there is not a great deal to be satisfied with following the 2017-18 Federal Budget announcements. Along with many other allied health professions, the Australian Podiatry Council/Association is disappointed that the government has chosen not to lift the freeze on the indexation of allied health MBS items particularly at a time when chronic and complex illnesses are the biggest health threat for Australians .
    Allied health practices, including podiatry are increasingly struggling to provide services for consumers who lack the ability to pay privately due to ongoing freezes of both Medicare and Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) funding. Low rebate levels are exacerbated by the small number of funded allied health consultations available through Chronic Disease Management.
    However, there are some small positives for consumers in need of allied health services. These include the government’s commitment to funding the shortfall for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services. Similarly a commitment to fund telehealth consultations as part of the government’s mental health commitment, may provide some opportunities for telehealth consultation support for other allied health consultations such as podiatry, in the future. APODC/APODA will continue to monitor this progress closely.
    APODC/APODA are united with Allied Health Professions Australia, Australia’s peak body for allied health, in calling upon the government to make an urgent commitment to reintroducing indexation to Medicare-funded allied health services now, not delaying it until July 2019, and to reviewing the adequacy of Medicare rebates for allied health services.

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