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A little message to say Hi from France!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Sparrow, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Sparrow

    Sparrow Welcome New Poster

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    Hi all,

    So, I'm a new member and it's normal to describe myself. I've 30, I live near the Alpes more particulary in "Voiron" and all days, I take the train and go to work in Lyon, the city of Light during december 8th...come to see us :D !!!
    In france, the podiatry, and I must say, the podology is not very developed...The research are few and that why I'm here, to learn more, for me and one day i'll go to the US, GB or canada to see one of u, how you work...Actualy I work my English (sorry for my mistakes) and I learn a lot with your website and Medline...i take me lot of time to traduce in French and understand :p
    That's all and see u soon.
  2. ja99

    ja99 Active Member

    Salut Sparrow,
    Ca Va?

    I am a Podiatrist who works and lives in Australia. I have lived in France briefly in 2002, and just returned from the Cote d'Azur two weeks ago on a Holiday. I love France and would like to live there again. There is a web-site to help translate one language to another (i.e English to French) the link is :


    It is also known as Dictionary.com and I use it all the time. When I live there I will learn to speak much more French but in Australia there is no one to practice on!

    In Australia there is a lot of research and communication between Professionals. At the moment there is a shortage of Podiatrists and so much work for all of us. We treat all foot conditions, from Children ,Elderly to Sports to Surgical. Only Fellows of the College of Surgeons practice Orthopaedic/Bone surgery, but all Podiatrists can perform minor Surgery under Local Anaesthetic (Toenail avulsion or Wart Currettage). I believe that in France, as most of Europe, there is no Local Anaesthesia privelages.

    A visit to Rooms costs around $50 - $60 Australian Dollars (Euro 30 to Euro 40). We can work either in Private practice, or in Public Practice such as in a Government Hospital. As in most Countries, we as a profession are fighting to keep the status we have and improve our position against Medecins, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors etc.

    I have a question for you...
    If I learned to speak better French (even my accent) is it possible to work in France as a Podologue? What process do you have to go through as a foreign (etranger) Podiatrist/Podolgue?
    Would appreciate to hear from you.

    A bientot,
    Merci Beacoup!
    Julian :D
  3. ja99

    ja99 Active Member

    Salut Sparrow,
    Ca Va ?
    Je suis un pédicure qui travaille et habite en Australie. J'ai habité en France brièvement en 2002, et juste retourné de Cote d'Azur il y a deux semaines pendant des vacances. J'aime la France et la voudrais vivre là encore. Il y a un site Web à aider à traduire une langue à l'autre (I.e anglais-français) le lien est :
    on le connaît également comme dictionnaire.COM et moi l'emploient toute heure

    Quand je vis là j'apprendrai à parler beaucoup plus français mais en Australie il n'y a personne à pratiquer dessus !
    En Australie il y a beaucoup de recherche et communication entre les professionnels. Au moment où il y a un manque de pédicures et tellement de travail pour tous les nous. Nous traitons tous les états de pied, des enfants,Personnes âgées aux sports à chirurgical. Seulement les camarades de l'université des chirurgiens pratiquent orthopédiqueChirurgie d'os, mais tous les pédicures peuvent exécuter la chirurgie mineure sous l'anesthésique local (avulsion ou verrue Currettage d'ongle d'orteil). Je crois cela en France, en tant que majeure partie de l'Europe, .
    Une visite aux salles coûte autour $50 - $60 dollars australiens (euro 30 à euro 40). Nous pouvons travailler l'un ou l'autre dans le cabinet privé, ou dans la pratique publique telle que dedans un hôpital de gouvernement. Comme dans la plupart des pays, nous pendant qu'une profession combattent pour garder le statut nous avons et améliorer notre position contre Medecins, Physiothérapeutes, Chiroprakteurs etc.
    J'ai une question pour toi…
    Si j'apprenais à parler est-ce qu'meilleur Français (même mon accent) est lui possible de travailler en France comme Podologue ? Quel processus vous doivent intervenir en tant que pédicure étranger (d'etranger)Podolgue ?
    Would appreciate to hear from you.
    A bientot,
    Merci Beacoup!

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