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ACPS foot and ankle clinical sessions - Sydney, August 2012

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by nick_700, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. nick_700

    nick_700 Active Member

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    Hi everybody

    Was on the ACPS website today and found link for the upcoming ACPS foot and ankle clinical sessions conference in Sydney in August. I attended last year in Perth and thought it was a great conference. I am really looking forward to the clinical side of things this year. Does anybody have any insight as to what sort of sessions they may be running or when program is up on website? Looks very promising and I can see the value for general pods like myself as well as surgical podiatrists.

    Link: http://footankleinsightconference.com.au/


    Nick Ryan
  2. Spur

    Spur Active Member

    Have seen draft program and looks great. It is going to be heavily focused on clinical pearls and lots of interaction with panels, workshops and tutorials. Graham Hamilton is the keynote, he's a DPM from California.
    Paul D
  3. nick_700

    nick_700 Active Member

    Cheers paul
  4. austragalus

    austragalus Welcome New Poster

    The ACPS clinical sessions conference program looks great and the optional cadaver workshops are definitely appealing (injection/dissection/nail surgery refresher).

    I look forward to this conference for the content as well as the social events!:drinks

    Nick the website now has further information on the cadaveric and clinical workshops available and online registration is now open, with a chance to win an iPad3!


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