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Cominox autoclave

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tinyfeet, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. tinyfeet

    tinyfeet Member

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    Hello All,

    I'm a new member from Australia, looking forward to joining in the discussions on this wonderful forum.

    I am also seeking advice about the Cominox dynamica autoclave as I am about to purchase one. My alternative choice would be the Melag 23S which I know some of you have already commented on previous discussions to be a really good machine.

    I am located in a multidisciplinary setting and the autoclave I pick needs to be a quiet machine as well as reliable etc... I really would appreciate your feedback.

  2. :welcome: Tinyfeet to Podiatry Arena.
    Check out this section for previous Autoclave threads. Might help you. If not I suggest starting a thread in the General bits forum.

    Good luck heres the link Link to podiatry equipment threads
  3. tinyfeet

    tinyfeet Member

    Thank you very much for your warm welcome Michael and for the link to podiatry equipment threads. I managed to find answers to some other questions that I had also.

    For anyone who may be interested regarding choosing a Cominox or Melag autoclave... I was directed to an authorised service company in Australia who service both the Cominox and Melag autoclaves amongst many other brands. Their recommendation was to go ahead with Melag for their outstanding reliability in comparison to others. I hope this helps others in their choice.

    Now I have to decide between a dust extraction drill or a water drill. Researchers - please help with some evidence.
  4. Steam Guru

    Steam Guru Active Member

    The Cominox Dynamica is not a vac or air assisted drying unit. To compare apples vs apples, Compare Melag 23VS with Cominox 24S models.
    Melag (german) have excellent rep. for quality. Parts are a bit expensive. Cominox 'lcd' series are newer design, more capable if doing hollow instrumentd, but prob. need a bit more servicing. Small Cominox is 18S, melaf is 29vs. The Cominox 'Sterilclave' is vac assisted S class like melag..

    You could also look at the (new) moving Exacta S.
  5. Steam Guru

    Steam Guru Active Member

    Sorry, meant Mocom S.. Darn autocorrect spelling. ..
  6. Zac

    Zac Active Member

    Steam Guru I dont know if you ever put together a comparison of sterilisers (you had mentioned you might in a previous post). I am looking at a Melag S/VS but out current technician is recommending a Mocom. Any thoughts?
  7. Steam Guru

    Steam Guru Active Member

    I presume they ate talking of the Mocom Exacta 'S'... Not a bad machine, bit slow from a cold start & maintenance on the steam generator can get expensive if anything other than very pure water is used.
    Right now, very hard to beat some of the deals out there on the Melag VS model. Some of the online sellers are making next to nothing on a machine, seemingly.
    Not much wrong with a machine where the hardware has remained largely unchanged for 10 years +
    Always take the advice of us technical types with a grain of salt. If one machine is reccomended , ate they the agent for just that brand ?
  8. eryuehao

    eryuehao Welcome New Poster

    WHich autoclave you want to find?
    I know one company can provide autoclave

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