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Comparative Biomechanical Effectiveness of Over-The-Counter Devices for Individuals With a Flexible

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by NewsBot, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. NewsBot

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    Comparative Biomechanical Effectiveness of Over-The-Counter Devices for Individuals With a Flexible Flatfoot Secondary to Forefoot Varus.
    Hurd WJ, Kavros SJ, Kaufman KR.
    Clin J Sport Med. 2010 Nov;20(6):428-435.
  2. Is it just me?
  3. NOPE!!!! :bang:
  4. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Nope ... my eyes rolled as well as soon as I read it :bang: :craig: :santa2:
  5. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    How is this stuff still getting published in 2010??
  6. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    I've just read the whole thing. I'm speechless. Anyone got a tank I can borrow to drive through some effin big holes?

    Mike + Rob there's a copy on it's way to you. Don't read it after a stressful day - it'll send you over the edge...
  7. And where's mine?
  8. Shall we play the"how many bastard great methodological flaws can you spot" game? Or is that like hunting tortoises with a shotgun?
  9. Goodie!!

  10. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Was gonna give you a mounted copy for your office wall when I saw you tomorrow...
  11. Just write it out by hand in the head of my Guinness...
  12. Ok, I know that its probably the least, but could someone explain this to me?
    Right, so they are calculating forefoot inversion relative to the rearfoot (calc). Fair play, its likely to be the same relative to the ground (viz, cos its standing on it).

    Eh? less everted is more inverted. Surely more inverted relative to the rearfoot is a BAD thing?!


    Eh? But you just said that the forefoot was less everted relative to the rearfoot!! If the rearfoot is unchanged, how can that be?! What, did you move the ground?!

    Oh. You DID move the ground.

    Nope. They lost me completely. Are they saying, "horray, our insole inverted the forefoot lots?"
  13. Graham

    Graham RIP

    Try Ed! :drinks
  14. It's not sole supports. Ergo he won't be interested.
  15. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Uh how can a varus forefoot be everted anyway?
  16. Thanks for the warning.

    Have a good time at boot camp.
  17. Well quite!

    It makes no more sense in the light of day. How can a more inverted forefoot be considered more neutral frontal plane biomechanics (whatever they are).
  18. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Not to mention:

    - Their inappropriate use of the term FF Varus rather than Supinatus...
    - Their intimation that STJ neutral is a desirable position for all...
    - Their conclusions that this should help guide clinicians practice of flexible flatfoot treatment...in asymptomatic patients...

    And many more I'm sure. I've stopped looking at it now. Can't bear it any more.

    I wonder who funded it? Surely not the company who manufacture the 'new' prefab was it?
  19. David Smith

    David Smith Well-Known Member

    Hey guy's I've invented this thing yeah!- New Thingy errmm! anyway I know that bad things make people hurt.We all know that eh? So this thingy, New thingy, its New see, will help, no it will I've tested it - really and its New! - What do you mean its not new? it is New look that's wot I called it New Thingy, Hey No, Don't walk away I'm talking to you, now listen, just listen, you might learn sumfin here.

    So! this New thingy I was talking about, well people do bad things yeah? well this New thingy makes them do more bad things yeah. I tested the thingy, New Thingy, on people, real people yeah! Real people who did bad things but didn't hurt because of it OK yeah? Yeah I know I said bad things make people hurt but these people didn't hurt when they did bad things ok, don't argue, you always argue you do, just listen ok?

    So then right, I made them real people do more bad things but while using the New Thingy. Guess what? they didn't hurt, nofin changed (except for a few moments that did change things and they seemed to enjoy that anyway so I left that bit in coz we like nice moments don't we eh? like Christmas and birfdiys n'nat innit eh! well I do anyway)

    So I concluded right yeah? I concluded that, this right, We know that people that do bad things get hurt yeah, OK!
    So if they use the New Thingy, which makes then do more bad things then obviously they won't hurt any more OK Got it? Ssgreat innit eh? blindin? statistically speakin its Double blindin? Double Bad = Good yeah! Like 'wicked' yeah, means its really good. Well dis is double wicked, see?

    What do ya fink? What da ya mean F--k off, come back, this is an earner this is. Oh yeah that's just typical of you, fink you know it all, well ya don't see coz I've got this New Thingy an it's great, blinkin marvelous. It is! No come on come back, I've got loads more ideas like this Rodney, come on Roders, this time next year well be Miwyonairs!

    LoL to you all Dave:D
  20. Ben

    Ben Member

    This inverted forefoot/lifting first ray was something a large number of physio's were doing for a long time down here in Oz... probably still doing too...
  21. :D:D:D

    Dave, your thingys are legend!! PMSL!!

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