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Cranial - Gait relationship ?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by helena h, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. helena h

    helena h Member

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    A friend of mine has unusual health problem that’s making his life pretty unbearable.

    His problem by all accounts sounds unbelievable and thus it is being misinterpret and ignored by medical community .

    To cut a long story short his problem his problem is he cant walk - at least unaided without being on crutches or " freebase " in water.

    This problem he claims started or developed as result of seeing NCR doctor or Neuro Cranial Reconstruction in the US ( something widely considered Quackery )that he swears on comprising his cranium till eventually the rest of his connective tissue became compromised too.

    This happened or developed he claims as result of the procedure involving the endonasal balloon misfiring and causing his face to " lock up " and cause what he claims was some sort of " looseness " that gradually worsened over period of 3 months till it started affecting him ( moods ,eyesight smell ) in multiple ways and
    then eventually gait .

    He claims that because there are no effective means to measure tissue ( hence my previous question ) that there is no way for him to verify his claims and as
    result is being unfairly discriminated against because there is no history of any one else having anything like this and because the skull and its sutures are generally seen as being " unmovable " in the medical community.

    At times he described his skull and the sort of forces he experiences pulling on certain areas akin to trying to trying balance chair by holding it up with one arm, and that many other problems have developed such tinnitus now whenever he attempts to even use crutches ( he uses mobility scooter now )

    Any way Im not sure what to suggest because I have no reason to believe this man is lying but at the same time I can see no way with the history he describes he will ever get any one medically to even give him the benefit of the doubt or given him proper fair evaluation .

    One thing I thought about was perhaps taking pressure plate test to check for any anomalies but other than that Im note sure .

    Although he can walk technically he refuses to attempt it given the problems it causes i.e chronic instability that affects his gait and in turn other complaints like tinnitus.

    I think another point worth mentioning is this guy is has trained in rehab and is very self aware of his body i.e. he has to be in order to correct things and that he feels this too is something potentially overlooked by others because its all self learned .

    He tells me that amongst correcting misalignments he use these techniques to also correct long standing winging problems of the scapula that couldn’t be corrected at the time when he had originally started developing joint problems some 18 yrs ago, and that it this technique is something he’s had to refine to deal with recurring problems on a daily basis.

    He says that it was this technique he used to deal with NCR mishap when his face locked up as result of having used it on other areas in his body , and was not surprised when he found it also worked to relieve the tension in his face but by that time that damage or " weakness " he felt had already been done

    Although he mentions that he was able to walk for 3 years on crutches he also attributes this to the Prolotherapy he was receiving that helped to strengthen key areas such as his pelvis , knees , groin etc that had already become grossly dysfunctional ( he couldn’t bend to tie his laces ) and it was only by addressing these areas he was finally able to bend and even cycle again for the first time in 6 yrs.

    Amongst other things he mentions he going to the Amazon to try Ayahusca for healing ( which he got scammed on ) and also recently suggested a new measurement technique for comparing connective tissue that is being considered for investigation / research.

    This isn’t to say he is scientifically trained but he certainly is not your average patient either.

    Any way I thought I'd mention all this here to see if it generates any response.


  2. d0ona

    d0ona Member

    [Check4SPAM] RE: URL Attempt

    Hi Helena
    Thanks for this very interesting post. Have you considered seeking treatment from an Osteopath who specialises in Osteopathy of the cranial field?

    "Cranial Osteopaths were originally labeled "quacks" for identifying bones in the skull as being slightly "mobile" and the structures within as treatable. Today, scientists and many MDs, with the benefit of high tech diagnostic equipment, not only concur that cranial motion exists but that it is central to the function of the body."[http://www.osteohome.com/MainPages/ocf.html]

    It seems to me that your patient's problems are all stemming from the immobility and "locking" of the cranial bones and that if motion could be restored then hopefully symptoms will reduce.

    Other therapies such as acupuncture, physiotherapy or chiropractic may also be considered if no osteopath is available in your area.

    Just throwing some ideas around. Hope this excites some debate :cool:
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 6, 2009
  3. helena h

    helena h Member

    Re: [Check4SPAM] RE: URL Attempt

    Oh my skulls locked alright ( I was the patient ) but not for the reasons you think.

    link doesnt work BTW



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