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Delcam Orthomodel / Orthomill Software, Scanner Desktop

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Ed_Norris, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Ed_Norris

    Ed_Norris Member

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    Looking to Sell an Orthomodel / Orthomill package with I qube Scanner and desktop computer.
    We are located in NSW Australia.

    Looking for $15,000 AUD.

    PM for further details

    Attached Files:

  2. Majeed Ariketty

    Majeed Ariketty Welcome New Poster

    Hi Ed,
    Could you please post your contact info to PM?
  3. Ed_Norris

    Ed_Norris Member

    Hi everyone, I am bumping this add to indicate a price drop.

    $5000 for scanner and scanner software,
    $10,000 for scanner software, Desktop and orthotics creation suite.
  4. footdoctor

    footdoctor Active Member

    Hi Ed, you said a price drop. Original price listed was 15k all in. latest post 15k all in. whats the price drop?
  5. Ed_Norris

    Ed_Norris Member

    Hi FootDoctor

    It is $10,000 for the lot,
    or $5000 for just the scanner.
    Best regards
  6. Ian Drakard

    Ian Drakard Active Member

    Hi Dean

    What version of orthomodel is it?
  7. Ed_Norris

    Ed_Norris Member

    Hi Ian,

    We currently use Orthomodel pro 2015 SP1. We have updates and licences for Orthomodel pro 2016 R1 sp2 lab and Orthomodel pro 2016 R1 sp2 practitioner, but have not bothered to install them, as our Delcam rep at the time informed us that 2015 was the more stable version.
  8. 1toe2many

    1toe2many Active Member

    I've sent a private message, please give me a call
  9. Stepon

    Stepon Welcome New Poster

    Hi Ed,
    Did you end up selling your orthomodel program and scanner?
  10. Ed_Norris

    Ed_Norris Member

    Yup its sold

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