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Domicilary case with trolley

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by sassie, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. sassie

    sassie Welcome New Poster

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    Hi, I am new to this forum and wonder if any one could help me - I am looking for a dom bag with wheels and not to expensive ( if poss) I have found carring everything a little hard would be so much easier to have a trolly case/bag. I have purchased a practica 3 and although its nice and has all the room I need I find it quite heavy in its self. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

    Thanks Sassie.
  2. goofyfoot360

    goofyfoot360 Member

    Re: dom case with trolley!

    Hi Sassie
    My first Dom Case was a Practica 3, too bulky and too heavy, but very durable. I got my next couple of Dom bags with trolleys from Timesco they were about £240, Canonbury Chiropody have similar bags, but they are more expensive than the hard cases and to be honest although I favour them, they are not very durable if it is going to get heavy usage. You are looking at prices ranging from £175 to £240 +
    for made for purpose cases, you may find something as good away from Chiropody/Podiatry retailers.
    good luck
  3. richardrobley

    richardrobley Active Member

    Re: dom case with trolley!

    Dom bags are an absolute rip off! My last timesco bag with wheels and pull handle cost £360. I once got the same bag on eBay for £115 second hand. The best way to save money is to look at fishing bags, they are essentially the same at a fraction of the cost, hope this helps.
  4. richardrobley

    richardrobley Active Member

    Re: dom case with trolley!

    Type this description into eBay (Large Wheel Folding Box Cart, Trolley Cart Dual Wheels) I tried one of these to help me transfer equipment from one clinic to another but found the handle too low
  5. goofyfoot360

    goofyfoot360 Member

    Re: dom case with trolley!

    ooh had a look at these, practical but not very professional looking ....
  6. JRB123

    JRB123 Active Member

    Re: dom case with trolley!

    Hi there, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001IBFEZQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1

    Someone on another post about dom bags recommended this type of bag. It looks more like a tool case but apparently it is meant to be really user friendly.
    Just in case the link doesn't work it's called a Stanley 193968 Mobile Work Center.
  7. goofyfoot360

    goofyfoot360 Member

  8. srd

    srd Active Member

    Re: dom case with trolley!

    I went to the hardware store and found a great tool case on wheels. Can separate the drawers making it very flexible. Maybe not really professional looking but I get lots of comments from people about how convenient it is and asking if I had it made to measure.
  9. kitos

    kitos Active Member


    I have a large bag on wheels with pulling handle etc which I got from Timesco ( no longer available). It has been used and looks like the Royal Doms bag shown in Canonbury catalogue. Email me privately if you like and I am sure that we can come up with a price!

    Wheels are good and also has shoulder strap.

    Best wishes

  10. Ros the Pod

    Ros the Pod Active Member

    I have had numerous bags costing between £250 - £350 but by far the best thing ever has been a Stanley Work Station costing £30!!
  11. PostMortem

    PostMortem Active Member

    Hi Sassie, I have had a Steel/Plastic Stanley Mobile Work Station that I got from Machine Mart about 5- 6 years ago. Comes apart in 3 sections, so easy to lift etc, middle section is 2 drawers that works extremely well, top section (tool box) I use for storing instruments and larger items and the bottom, tilt out section could hold a drill but I use it for storing records, stationery, and anything else that I need. top section comes off and leaves a perfect height work surface for use, easy to clean and I expect it to last for several more years. Cost me about 100 pounds. Brilliant

  12. Lisa L

    Lisa L Member

    I second (or third!) the mobile Stanley work station.
    I no longer do domicilary visits but found it to be a fantastic way to move everything efficiently when I was going from place to place on a regular basis.
    It was very easy to keep things clean and tidy having multiple compartments.
    Another bonus is they are relatively light compared to other 'portable' trolleys and are therefore easier to lift in and out of the car boot.

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