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Excited, passionate Podiatrist wanted. part or full time

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Simone Lee, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Simone Lee

    Simone Lee Active Member

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    Most podiatrists have a life span of 7 years and I understand why.
    I have been practising since 2004 and have become more passionate and excited about Podiatry every year.
    If thats what you want then read further.

    Heal & Soul has grown from a single practitioner to a successful business with a unique premium style of practice. Our top priorities are exceptional care, patient centred holistic care from the first phone call onwards. We have built a name that stands for real care and understanding of our clients needs and fulfilling these needs. We are the ones people come to for high quality service or the ones who have been disappointed elsewhere.

    I believe in treating all my employees like I would like to be treated and have not found while working for others early in my career.
    You will have all the best equipment, biggest range of tools etc, safety, air purification machines, chairs, practice software, and safety materials to ensure you are working efficiently and protecting yourself as much as possible so we are all comfortable and not putting ourselves at risk.
    You also have admin and podiatry assistants helping you with the day to day runnings, so things run as smoothly as possible.

    If you are passionate about making a real difference in peoples lives and want to join the team read further.

    On site there is a Chiropractor, Naturopath / Bowen therapist and we are in between Musculoskeletal therapists at the moment.

    We see all range of conditions and have a special interest in nail surgery, Laser for fungal nails (although we are very selective with who we recommend this modality) and wart management including curettage and needling and caustics. We see a lot of wounds and have a good range of wound care materials to resolve these as quickly as possible.Bespoke orthoses using 3D scanning technology, and also use techniques like joint mobilisation, footwear modifications, exercise, rehab, and lots of education!

    We are innovative and always looking to better ourselves for the benefit of our varied client load.

    We are looking for the right person to fit into our close team of health professionals and are more than willing to train the right person to be the best person and Podiatrist they can be.
    We encourage and fully support our team in further courses and qualifications and love the varied case load we have marketed towards.

    The local community trusts our brand and has complete confidence in referring their valued clients to us and our clients appreciate everything we do to go the extra mile in our goals of prevention rather than cure and treating them with as much comfort as we can.

    If you are interested in business then this can also be included in your experience.
    Full entitlements are included.
    We also are involved in community activities, sponsership and projects and have a great referral network throughout Geelong.
    To apply, please email your resume to simone@healandsoulpodiatry.com.au

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