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"Foot Reader" - New Profession in Daily Express newspaper

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by DAVOhorn, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Well-Known Member

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    Dear All,

    I was amazed at this new diagnostic profession. It is apparently based upon Reflexology but is more accurate in its diagnostic capabilities.

    So i am going to become a Professional Foot Reader.:butcher:

    On looking at the marks and creases and bumps on the foot you can diagnose a multitude of problems for the client!!!!!!!!!!:deadhorse:

    How does this sort of thing get into the newspaper as a legitimmate article?????:bang:

    It was in the paper on wenesday this week i think.

    Oh well

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    Re: New Profession in Daily Express newspaper

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  3. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

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  5. LondonPod

    LondonPod Active Member

    Ah. This Wonderful evidence-based treatment is bought to you by Maggie Dabbs, who'da thunk it?
  6. It would be great if this was an April fool. Sadly its for real!!

    There was a thread on here a while back. Black toenails. Which I seem to remember related to situational depression.

    Which is true! I dropped a cast on my foot once and was terribly depressed about my toenail falling off.
  7. Alan Whitby

    Alan Whitby Member

    But do you realise that there is a register of Foot Readers... HPC take note...
  8. markleigh

    markleigh Active Member

    Why do things like this develop? How? Do they see it is just a way to make a buck, or do they actually believe it?
  9. I suspect they are all "true believers". The capacity of us humans to accept intellectual constructs independantly of logic or sense is staggering. We like to think of ourselves as reasoning, thinking, logical beings. The truth is that we are a vast heaving sea of irrationality upon which floats a very thin crust of critical faculty.

    Most of the things you believe, you believe because you made a subconcious decision to accept them. You then build a framework of logic around it to prop it up. But make no mistake, the believe came before the logic, not the other way around. Paynes law (no 2?), the shakier the justification for a theory, the more violently it will be defended (or words to that effect).

    Heuristics. I decided that foot reading was rubbish based on the same basis. Looked like bullsh!t. Smelled like bullsh!t. Formed a sunconcious belief that it was Bullsh!t. I then looked at it see if I could find logical inconsistancies to justify my belief and sure enough, found some. But the initial belief was no more evidence based that foot reading. I jumped to it based on heuristic processing (representativeness heuristic). As, I suspect, did all of us.

    If we have a logically inconsistant belief we don't think will stand up to logic, we simply avoid applying that logic. We develop a blind spot. Human beings are brilliant at such blind spots.
  10. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    I note that the website offers 'footreading parties', seemingly on the same basis as 'tupperwear' or 'Ann Summers' parties. Apparently, people who have had their foot 'read' rejoin the party with such exclamations as "It was amazingly accurate" and "How could (s)he have known that?" This is just the sort of environment when suggestibility - aided by the group experience and possibly a drink or two - is heightened. I am sure that Derren Brown would be very interested.

    Possibly colleagues treating in a dom situation could use the same technique with a stooge added. Fees could rise to unparalleled levels!

    Bill Liggins
  11. Cold Reading. Happens all the time.
  12. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Sure, but my theory is based on positive feedback from a stooge and booze - even better!

    All the best


    PS looking back, I think that it should be 'tupperware'

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