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Foot silicone injections

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by javier, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. javier

    javier Senior Member

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    Dear all,

    I have received May APMA News issue (vol.26.n.5) where there is an article about Dr. Balkin and foot silicone injections.

    I wonder if there is someone on this forum who have experience due to this subject. There are articles published on this subject:

    The Histologic Host Response to Liquid Silicone Injections for Prevention of Pressure-Related Ulcers of the Foot J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 94(6): 550–557, 2004)

    The effect of silicone injections in the diabetic foot on peak plantar pressure and plantar tissue thickness: a 2-year follow-up.Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2002 Jul;83(7):919-23.

    And Dr. Boulton from Manchester (one of the co-autors from this last article) have been using this treatment for various years.

    I would like to know further on this subject, if it would be possible regarding to personal experiences.

    I think that this treatment have a good potential for a large number of foot conditions.


  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Unfortunately questions on this often tend to go unanswered as so few people seem to be using it.....

    There was a question in this thread in the USA forum: Injectable Silicone , but the question never really got answered.

    If anyone has contact with Dr Balkin, pehaps they could direct him here. Anyone know his email address?
  3. javier

    javier Senior Member

    Thanks for your response. I am afraid only Dr. Balkin and Dr. Boulton have experience due to this subject.

    The company who produce injectable silicone is, according to APMA news, Richard-James Inc. (http://richard-james.com/page0002.htm). They call this product Podisil. Although it will approve only in EU.

  4. NewsBot

    NewsBot The Admin that posts the news.

    Latest research on injectable silicone in foot

    Injectable silicone and the foot: a 41-year clinical and histologic history.
    Dermatol Surg. 2005 Nov;31(11 Pt 2):1555-9;
  5. Dieter Fellner

    Dieter Fellner Well-Known Member

    On two occasions I have e-mailed this company but the mail is returned as undeliverable.
  6. Dermotfox

    Dermotfox Active Member

    There is a companyy called Q-Med.com selling the Restylane range for injection and they state that Perlane has the best results and has previouisly been injected into the ball of the foot. Setting up an account is quite straightforward ring 01737 77 55 03
    This is classed as a medical device not POM.


    There is also Sculptra which promotes collagen production and has been used in HIV pts, see


    you will have to contact Aventis on 01483 505515 for training beforehand, speak to Mrs Brunner regards sculptra.
  7. Ross

    Ross Welcome New Poster


    Have you had any success with the question of silicone injections which you asked about in 2005. I too feel there is a good potential for a large number of foot conditions but little info available
  8. javier

    javier Senior Member


    I have not received any feedback from the company. Also, as you have stated there is few info available. Perhaps, it has not been approved within EU.

    If you have further info you could share with us.
  9. Ross

    Ross Welcome New Poster

    Thanks Javier for our quick reply. This is the first port of call for this perhaps underrated or never used treatment. The little search I have done has told me that silicone has been used on other parts of the body for years and used daily for invasive procedures in hospitals. So why are we not using silicone injection for treatment of foot problems. I can't seem to find an answer yet.
    Personally at this time I am thinking an injection of silicone under a decreased fat pad has got to be of benefit, why are we padding up and making devices that don't always work and or end up in the cupboard or bin. where do I go now? I don't think legisalation is an issue because it is used as I said extensivley in hospitals of Australia.
    and with private plastic surgeons to implant almost anything you want for cosmtic purposes. as mentioned I would like to be able to assist some of my patients with decreased fat pad to improve mobiltiy and hopefully decrease pain and discomfort but I guess you are aware of all this
    cheers Ross
  10. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    Hi everyone
    About this subject i have found a company from the USA that produces Silicone injections. The product name is InnoPad and it is sold in the EU also. I will post here there contacts and the product info, hope it healps.
    André Ferreira

    Manufacturer’s Address:
    Extremity Innovations, Inc. 8390 Wolf Lake Drive, Suite 116
    Bartlett, Tennessee 38133 U.S.A.
    (901) 753-4642 www.extremityinnovations.com

    Authorized Representative in Europe:
    (Regulatory affairs only)
    Emergo Europe
    Molenstraat 2513 BH The Hague
    The Netherlands
    Tel: (31) (0) 70 345-8570
    Fax: (31) (0) 70 346-7299

    Attached Files:

  11. Gibby

    Gibby Active Member

    So many patients have fat pad atrophy, prominent metatarsal heads, and complications relative to these conditions---
    We have an Orthopedic Surgeon here who is doing a study with tendo-Achilles lengthening procedures and how this contributes to healing forefoot/plantar ulcers.

    How can you keep the material localized when it is injected as a liquid silicone? What about all the adverse effects seen in breast implants that failed/leaked back in the 1990's?
    I've not seen the injectable version of silicone for fat pad atrophy, but a mentor of mine during fellowhip at Yale wanted to try using higher-strength versions of breast implants in the met heads and possibly the plantar heels of patients with severe fat pad atrophy...
    I haven't thought about it for a long while- seems to me the difficult portion would be the method of transplantation- which tissue planes to use, issues with keeping the implants in place...under such high pressures and shear forces.
    The idea makes sense to me, but a special version of the implant would need to be made.


  12. Geoff

    Geoff Member

    I am considering silicone injections for a particularly nasty chronic Hd.
    My question is to anyone that may have knowledge where I may purchase liquid silicone for injection in the United Kingdom. All information greatly appreciated:drinks
  13. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    You should look ate the thread that i have posted in this post at 26th May 2009, 12:58 AM .
    I know that this company is marketing silicone injections for podiatris in the EU.
    Hope it helps

    Kind regards
  14. AngieR

    AngieR Active Member


    Courses for silicone injection are readily available in the UK. The one I attended was by Ian Reilly and Stuart Metcalfe, Pod Surgeons, of EliteEC, although another one is mentioned in the current Podiatry Now.

    There is a specific method to the injections as it has to stay where you put in and not migrate, so I would advise you to attend a course.

    The product is available from Osteotec, 01202 487885.


  15. Geoff

    Geoff Member

    Many thanks to Andre and Angie. I will have a closer look at that uk supplier, again thanks Angie will consider all you said :drinks
  16. matthew malone

    matthew malone Active Member

    Hi Javier

    I work with Prof Boulton and the guy who is doing it is Dr Frank Bowling. He actually learnt all his stuff from Mr Sturat Metcalfe a Podiatric Surgeon who owns www.elitece.co.uk

    The majority of their work is with Diabetic patients currently. Indeed a saw them administer a course of 4 injections over a 2 month period. From the questions i asked its not just a matter of.. lets stick a load of silicon in someones foot and whey!!, it takes a more structured approach of gradually building up the thickness. What i also learnt is that its important to consider foot function as well. I performed the plantar pressure analysis of this lady which showed late stance pronation so she sheared across the whole of her met heads.. If the forces continued to do this what would be the effect on the silicon? I still dont think they have any work published on this aspect.

    Please feel free to PM me and i can give you Mr Bowlings e-mail address if you are really interested in this? Otherwise you maybe best checking out their site.
  17. Gibby

    Gibby Active Member

    I have been unable to get a source for the silicone in the US-
    have been referred to a company in Tennessee, but no reply-
    anyone know of a source in the USA?
  18. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    Hello Gibby
    Like I told Geof you should check out my post (26th May 2009, 12:58 AM) this company is from the US send a email they repli very fast...
    Hope it healps :drinks
  19. NewsBot

    NewsBot The Admin that posts the news.

    Effect of growth factors in combination with injectable silicone resin particles on the biological activity of dermal fibroblasts: A preliminary in vitro study.
    Jennings JA, Crews RM, Robinson J, Richelsoph K, Cole JA, Bumgardner JD, Yang Y, Haggard WO.
    J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2009 Nov 10.
  20. Corn Cutter

    Corn Cutter Member

  21. Corn Cutter

    Corn Cutter Member

    So, in two weeks time, no one has a take on this technique to treat fat pad atrophy with the implantation of an a c e l l u l a r human dermal allograft (GRAFTJACKET® Regenerative Tissue Matrix, Wright Medical Technology, Inc., Arlington, TN) as a tissue augment?

    Has anyone even heard of the procedure and/or product (Graftjacket)?

  22. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    I have just Google this and find there webstie:


    Ihave never heard of these procedure for plantar soft tissue augmentation, it appears to be an optimal technique for treating this condition!

    Thanks CC for these information
  23. Corn Cutter

    Corn Cutter Member


    Yes, it does seem like an optimal Technique...

    Perhaps a new and seperate thread should be started concerning GRAFTJACKET and it's pontential uses?

    Anyone else care to comment?

  24. G Flanagan

    G Flanagan Active Member

    from what i have seen / heard the graft jacket is being used by for cosmetic reasons ie so the ladies can wear their jimmy choos.

    I have no problem with this. I think plantar fat pad augmentation with either the graft jacket or injectable silicone / dermal fillers has a place which is yet to be fully established in the main stream. I know of a few podiatrists (in the UK) using this both in the NHS and private (mostly aesthetic podiatry) including harley street.

    look at Akbal Rwanda's site www.pillowsforfeet.com
  25. Corn Cutter

    Corn Cutter Member


    Are you saying these podiatrists are actually treating fat pad atrophy with the implantation of an a c e l l u l a r human dermal allograft (GRAFTJACKET® Regenerative Tissue Matrix, or just the injectable silicone / dermal fillers?

    There seems to be a BIG difference here...

  26. G Flanagan

    G Flanagan Active Member

    Your right there is.

    The ones in the UK i know use silicone and dermal fillers.

    As for the graft jacket, i am aware the cosmetic pods in US particularly NYC use it aesthetically - suzanne Levine http://www.institutebeaute.com/
  27. Gibby

    Gibby Active Member

    I know Orthopedic surgeons use the graft jacket for difficult rotator cuff surgical repairs--- I will have to research the product's use in our field.
    Interesting idea.
  28. Corn Cutter

    Corn Cutter Member


    I look forward to your findings...
  29. Akbal

    Akbal Active Member


    I have been using dermal fillers her in the UK for about 5 years now and have had a great deal of success, most patients are very happy and return for more treatments.

    I have not used silicones as not altogether happy with using permanent fillers, I don't know of any UK Plastic Surgeon that uses them now and I know quite a few most of them have tried permanent fillers in the past and have not been happy with the outcomes hence their attitudes to them now. I have taken their experiences on board and steered clear of these types of filler, the literature in asthetic journals is not favourable either.

    Not to say it woudl not work I just don't want to risk the problems if it does not if however the surgeons in the UK want to use silicones I am sure they at least will be able to be better equiped if problems occur.

    I would be more than happy to speak with anyone that is interested to learn more, personal message me or send a message via my website www.pillowsforfeet.com

    Akbal Randhawa
  30. AngieR

    AngieR Active Member


    An interesting thread, however courses for Silicone fillers are still being promoted as recently as this month. As I am interested to learn about these diffferent methods, perhaps you could expand on why you believe this is better than Silicone?

    Do you run courses or are you willing to offer a tutorial from your clinic?

    Best wishes,
  31. Akbal

    Akbal Active Member


    I don't run courses but maybe sometime in the future I have only been doing this for just over 5 years and I am not working for any of the companies that manufacture fillers.

    My opinion on liquid silicon is based on the published works, (albeit largely anicdotal letters etc) and personal discussions with Plastic surgeons that have decades of experince with fillers including liquid silicones. Of course I have read and spoken with Carin Van Schie, and the RCT that was done in Manchester did seem promising however silicone is meant to be a permanent filler but the effects seem to last only in the region of 1-2 years, the histology appears to show that some of it stays in situ. Anyway this could go on for ages but if you are interested liquid silicones of aesthetics were en vogue some 10-15 years ago and if you do a medline search you should soon see why they are not en vogue today. Silicones have come and gone in Podiatry in the UK also I understand that Balkin did a number of courses in the UK and a few people did them but you don't see many peope using silicone now. I understand that quite a few people have done the more recent course but I don't see it being widely used. maybe it will be very successfull but in the US Pods are using non silicone fillers and no more than a handful are using silicones, Stephanie Wu who is often quoted has worked with both types of filler and maybe someone that you woudl like to contact to get more info.

    I should also point out there are other fillers are are significantly cheaper to use and last as long, perhaps longer. They work in different ways and silicone may have it's uses, but I'm just too chicken to give it a go.

    I would not discourage from learning about the silicone procedure however from what i understand you have to buy the product to get on the course which i think is an online course. Not sure why you have to buy the product before decide that you want to use it but it is the manufacturer that is promoting the courses.

    Hope that helps.

  32. david meilak

    david meilak Member

    Hi Akbal,

    Can you please tell me which silicone suppliers run online injection courses as long as you purchase their products ?


  33. G Flanagan

    G Flanagan Active Member


    the liquid injectable silicone online course is run by Elitece (www.elitece.co.uk) which is run by two UK Podiatric Surgeons.

    Maybe a historical thing however i don't think you now have to buy the product to do the online course.

    Once you have done this it gives you a good base to use other products ie sculptra. Sometimes reps from filler companies will come and talk to you about them for free, however they mainly know about the use of it in the face (fillers that is, not silicone!)
  34. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    Does anyone know why Osteotec as stop distributing the Innopad Kit?

    I have been using it for about a year now and have being have quite very good outcomes with it, I have some new patients who want this procedure and when I went to the Osteotec website to place a new order I saw that they stop distributing it since February!

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