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Fulltime Podiatry Position - Queensland.

Discussion in 'Australia' started by marc_udy, Dec 7, 2023.

  1. marc_udy

    marc_udy Member

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    Family Feet Podiatry is looking for a qualified podiatrist to join their team. Family Feet Podiatry is a locally owned and run private business located in Hervey Bay and Maryborough on the Fraser Coast in Queensland.
    The successful applicant will join five podiatrists' working across the two private clinics in Hervey Bay and Maryborough. The principal podiatrist, and owner of the business works alongside the team. We have a great group of staff and a great work atmosphere. The podiatry team meets monthly to discuss CPD and patient cases.

    New graduates or experienced podiatrists that enjoy and excel in all facets of podiatry care are encouraged to apply, as you will be joining a practice with an exceptional reputation. The applicant must have great communication skills, have excellent patient rapport, initiative, and must be always willing to learn. A high level of pride in this position is expected.
    All areas of podiatry will be experienced, including paediatrics, bio-mechanics and prescription orthotics, general care, diabetes, nail surgery, wound management and more. Both clinics use the latest in 3D optical foot scanning technology for prescription orthotics and online orthotic lab prescription processes. Only occasional are home visits required.

    Hervey Bay is located approximately three hours drive north of Brisbane and is one of Australia's fastest growing towns. Hervey Bay offers beautiful beaches and is the gateway to the largest sand island in the in the world, K’Gari - Fraser Island. Hervey Bay is also renowned for the best place in Australia for whale watching. Fishing is outstanding and it has a large sporting community and café culture.

    Remuneration: Negotiable depending on experience. Consists of Base salary + performance commissions OR contractors agreement available.

    If required, visa sponsorship or help with visa's available.

    Start date: Negotiable but early 2024 preferable.
    Please email applications to:
    The Practice Manager

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