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Has anyone used 1st phase orthotics?

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by footsteps2, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. footsteps2

    footsteps2 Active Member

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    I am deciding whether to buy orthotics that can be adapted with a heat gun to suit or can be ordered with a choice of 3 arch heights that can be adapted. Have been looking at the Interpod Flex from 1st phase orthotics which I am led to believe can be altered and added to arch or heel raises, rearfoot posting added. They also do a Full length interpod but am unsure if this will be rigid enough, although it states it is 30% more shock absorbent than EVA...I want to find a full length basic orthotic that I can then adjust/add to etc and this seems to be the closest I can find. Covers can be added also.

    The other option is to cast and send off to a lab without having to invest in doing casting myself.

    The main question is has anyone used the 1st phase orthotics as a baseline or any others that are full length? I want to be able to add forefoot postings so want full length.
  2. Yep. Used em a fair bit.

    I like the deeper soft ones. In their unmodified state I find them a tad bulky but they grind nicely. As such with a bit of imagination and a bit of dexterity you can grind in a good selection of posts, wedges and modifications. With a grinder in the back room they are my pre fab of choice.

    I'm wearing a pair now, just for experiment. Finding them a bit on the hot side.

    The thin shell ones are a nice shape and look the business. To be honest though, in the NHS they were not sufficiently cheaper than a custom casted to justify the switch.

    They are about twice the cost of the duomeds but IMO about 4 times as good!

  3. footsteps2

    footsteps2 Active Member

    Thanks. I was looking at the softer ones. Any idea what the life span is on them?
    I know what you mean about NHS, used to work for them myself, budgets, budgets!!
    Do you find them hotter than any others you have had? Just wondering what makes them hot?!!
  4. No clue, sorry. Not been using them long enough. Seem pretty sturdy.

    Might just be that they filled the shoes up a bit much. My usual orthotic is a pair of simples which have been going for about 4 years and are on the cusp of developing language skills and rudimentary intelligence. Otherwise I never found a pair I liked. Perhaps I have non pre fab shaped feet. Hooray for subject specific data!

    For coolness in summer I highly recommend Therrox. Its poreous and breaths really well. Also machine washable, which is great for sweaty teenage feet who rot the leather of insoles every three months.

  5. Graham

    Graham RIP

    There's a good selection of low heat moldable full and 3/4 length orthoses from Vasyli medical.


    I use the vasyli Howard Dananberg device. This allows me to adjust the size or fill the FHL accommodation. Add rearfoot posts or lifts and Fore foot posts as required.


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