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Height vs Shoe Size

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by scottishpod, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. scottishpod

    scottishpod Welcome New Poster

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    Hi there,
    I wonder if you can help me with your professional opinions please.

    Have a patient who is 5ft6, quite slim, and has size 4 feet. She has corns on both feet, but the Left foot is quite unusual with fibrous corns. She has one large, deep fibrous corn on her 2ndrd met head and above that (on her fatty pad) and also overlapping onto the fatty pad of the 3th and 4th met head section, she has about 6 smaller, deep fibrous corns (they not seed corns).

    I am in the process of making her insoles, but I have never seen this before in a patient, and was wondering if maybe it has something to do with her above-average height (average female height been 5ft4) vrs her small shoe size?

    Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Re: Height vrs Shoe Size

    Does she smoke?
  3. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Re: Height vrs Shoe Size

    Hi Kay,

    :welcome: to the Arena!

    Any chance of a pic and more detailed med history?

    5ft6 Bel, also with size 4.5 feet ;)
  4. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Re: Height vrs Shoe Size

    See: Smokers corns
  5. scottishpod

    scottishpod Welcome New Poster

    Hi Everyone,
    Thank you everyone so much for your replies. To be honest with you I have never heard of smokers corns, so Simon I thought you were been flippant - lol, as in you like your women tall, slim and smokers - lol. Sorry for that!!!!

    Thanks Admin2 for putting in link for smokers corn, yes it certainly looks the types of corns my patient has. But nope she does not smoke.

    Blinda, in both feet she has slight pes cavus foot type, HAV but early stage. According to my patient she has her mum's feet. My patient definately does not smoke, or never has smoked. I think her foot size and height may have something to do with it. She likes to wear shoes with a heel (but not too high), almost like a court heel. She prefers to wear boots instead of shoes. Boots are sensible.

    Thanks once again for your replies and hope you having an enjoyable weekend.

    Kind regards
  6. carolethecatlover

    carolethecatlover Active Member

    That is small feet. I am 5'7and a half (171) and have size 42 or British 8!
    I had a weird dream in 2006, due to too much World cup watching.....The Italian team filed on the field, From Goal keeper Buffon and Luca Toni at 193cm to Cana at 169cm, and this up and down line of men (I was lying on my tummy from their right side, only thing that explains my point of view) turned into a graph line, and I could see another graph line for the size of their feet, which in reality I didn't know, the only one I could find out was Buffon at 48, he advertizes for Puma. Was my dream a prompt for a research project ???? LOL
    By the by, the smokers' corns could be from any 'pollutant' if you live in a UK city, it is the equivilent of 5 fags a day.
    There is a theory that this and plantar-palmar pustulosis is an allergy to the mosaic virus on the tobacco, rather than the tobacco. This ramdom info is a side effect of my studies into dyshidrosis.

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