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Hi, Intro #5.1 final....after 4 drafts through 7 months at various times while reading PodArena

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jcamp, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. jcamp

    jcamp Welcome New Poster

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    Hi all.

    This is my first post and I wasn't sure where I should post it, so I figured the 'introduce yourself' section and also as a response to the questions posted in this thread was a good a place as any. Long time troller through the posts- ever since I got my early offer letter last year from LTU (which I deferred for a year while I learn to drive, and have funds to move. Happy to do the Monash units on anatomy and physiology anyway- this is my second year in B.Biomedical Science @ Monash Uni) Sorry for the double up, but I loved this reading this post about someone my age, in my area (don't know them personally of course) who was passionate about podiatry as a career. It sums up pretty well the sentiments I had about reasons for going into this profession, and also demonstrates the typical pod humour I've encountered on this 'journey'. i.e. Reading some fascinating posts here on podiatry-arena, (the podiatrist's 'get rich quick from practicing podiatry' scheme-what a joke) and the reaction from telling family and other people I'm transferring from Monash Biomed to La Trobe to do podiatry. For some reason, they always think I'm joking, or that I have some kind of foot fetish.

    This is an excerpt from a blog I stumbled upon, ironically while I was scrolling through my daily facebook group Monash Stalkerspace. I was directed to an 'interesting link', a blog entry about the most recent phenomenon, the [insert your uni here] Stalkerspace. (It isn't as bad as it sounds! For those not living in Melbourne, AUS we have the MX newspaper released for free everyday for those travelling into the city. The facebook group is based on MX's "Here's Looking At You" section and I was reading this blog: http://outrageousfun.wordpress.com/)

    anyway(s) thanks for the many months of great reading, entertainment and info about learning, teaching and entertainment about all things podiatry related and the general info on the industry* esp the la trobe uni posters, I feel like I'll know what to expect when I get there :)

    that's all for now,
    VIC, Australia
  2. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi jcamp, sorry your welcome is so late in arriving! Fantastic reading so far. Congrats on your new journey.


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