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How to use a pink substance for devices.

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by jambutty, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. jambutty

    jambutty Member

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    Can anyone please give me clear instructions on how to use a soft product which rhymes with 'gland nosegay' please.
    I have recently purchased a large pot as I like the devices it produces, but have so far only succeeded in sticking it to clients feet, my hands and gloves!!!!
    I was able to establish online the setting time is 48 hours but this is all, so presumably patients will have to return for them or they will have to be popped in post.
    I just need to know how to successfully do the creative bit.
    Many thanks.
  2. David Smith

    David Smith Well-Known Member

    Bland rose is mixed with a hardener and a walnut size piece of silicon will require about 8-10 drops of hardener liquid. You can get a CD/DVD from canonbury that explains exactely how to use bland rose. http://www.canonbury.com/p-375-fresco-silicone-starter-kit-with-dvd.aspx It takes a few minutes to set. Don't use with gloves on as the silicon just amalgamates with the glove.
  3. jambutty

    jambutty Member

    Thanks David,

    I am grateful for the recipe! I do not particularly want to spend more money on the DVD having already bought the pink product.
    I am still wondering exactly how to use the stuff - will just have to practice more - they say it makes perfick.
    Ta 4 the tips.

    The road to success is always under construction.
  4. Mr C.W.Kerans

    Mr C.W.Kerans Active Member

    Possible alternative material - also pink - is Otoform K, a dental-putty which requires mixing only 2 substances, and sets quicker than the 48 hours mentioned in post #1 above.
  5. David Smith

    David Smith Well-Known Member

    That's a very negative post, do you recycle you scalpel blades? Get the DVD! its free with product, you learn how, your customers get a good device, you don't need to keep asking questions and you can put it down as CPD, its win win win for a few quid spent!:bang:

  6. Gail15

    Gail15 Welcome New Poster

    B-R is fabulous stuff - much softer than Otoform - even in its medium density format. Much more acceptable to patients - very versatile for creating devices to deflect pressure - just make sure that your patients can reach their feet to put them on correctly!.

    I use the same hardener paste as used with Otoform K for the pink stuff. I find that the liquid is too fiddly to use - it's much more simple to squeeze out simple lines of paste (I get it from Chiropody Express UK).

    The CD-ROM that comes with the starter kit is very useful - it gives much more info than just how to mix the stuff. Just play with it to build up confidence - simple!
  7. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    I agree with Gail, Bland Rose is the best silicone available, and I have used it very successfully for years.
    First, take your gloves off, you can't use silicones properly with them on.
    The more Reaktol hardener you add, the quicker it will set, so to give yourself more time, add say 5 drops, to a walnut size piece of Brose.
    Mix thoroughly, squeezing through your fingers, for about a minute. If you don't mix thoroughly, you will get a lumpy, curdled mix, you need an even mix.
    Flatten your ball of Brose ,then wrap around toe, or toes.
    When you have the shape you want , hold your hands, as if praying, and press the mould, thus making sure that the mould will fit comfortably into the shoe.
    Hold until the mould is firm.
    Let the patient put their shoes and socks on. This will ensure that the mould, in it's final moulding stages, will fit comfortably into the shoe.
    At least 50 per cent of my patients have these moulds, they usuallylast about 4 months, sometimes years. And they cure corns.
    I would be very happy to give you a tutorial on this. My number is 01865 247377.
    Do persevere!
    Liz in Oxford
  8. The other day I came upon this video in youtube. Its the same videoas the DVD I have but they decided to publish it in youtube for free.

    I hope it helps, here is the link:

    its a really good product so learning to use it will make you a better practitioner for sure.
  9. jambutty

    jambutty Member

    Do I recycle scalpel blades? Oh, I get it the venerable veteran is implying I'm penny-pinching! Got it. Ooh, and also that my post is VERY negative - how kind!

    This man is a legitimated troll.

    Don't make assumptions about strangers Mr Veteran & do try not to judge, thank goodness we're not all like you.

    Thank-you to the other contributors.

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