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I wish to turn my dreams about the future into reality!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mimi McNaull, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Mimi McNaull

    Mimi McNaull Member

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    My name is Mimi McNaull and I am a member since 7th of February. I haven’t introduced myself yet and I haven’t posted any comments so far because I am not Podiatrist.
    May be I have to start with the way I founded you but before that I have to tell you I am quite mature person.
    I moved to live in the UK five years ago from Bulgaria upon the invitation of a friend of mine who is now my husband. In my country does not exist such a profession – Podiatrist. The problems like fungus, in growing toenails, corns and calluses are treated from a Pedicurist. For more severe and complicated cases people visit the GP. I was a Pedicurist. Moving to live in the UK I understood that my diploma is not acceptable in this country so I decided to study. On this time I thought I am too old for study in the University so I took a Distance Learning Collage to become Foot Health Practitioner. I started my own business quite successfully as a mobile and my clients increased quickly. But soon I get across one problem – Verrucae! On the Collage we were suggested to use OCCLUSAL, but that did not help. I am a person who always strives to increase my skills and determine to learn more and more. I did online research because I did not like to except there is not a cure. This is the way I found the tread Mosaic verrucae-help with treatment but more important I found PODIATRY ARENA. One week reading was like exploring new world. There were no doubts anymore. I visited the University of Salford, the nearest to me and I was told the age is not a problem. I was excited and full of enthusiasm.
    I have now been unsuccessful for the third time to get a place at the University to study Podiatry.
    My first application was in 2009. The reason I was given for my rejection was that my English was not up to their standard.
    I took the IELTS Course at to improve my English and I had my examination on June 2010. I applied for a second time after the exam. I received again the status of “unsuccessful’’ on UCAS and I was told that by then it was too late and that the course was fully booked.
    On 22.10.10 I applied for the third time. On 04.12.10 I visited the Open Day at the University. Unfortunately on 12.01.11 I yet again received the status of ‘’unsuccessful’’. The explanation given me for my rejection was because of a “poor and inappropriate statement”.
    In addition I would like tell you that I am a very determined individual and the desire to become a Podiatrist has only been strengthened through these years. I would appreciate any suggestion and advises what to do and how to reach the necessary standard.
  2. blumley

    blumley Active Member

    hi there :) first off im sorry to hear about salford, have you applied anywhere else?

    with regards to your statement being inappropriate have you considered asking someone else to read it for you and see if they can give any pointers? also you have talked about being a fhp, but have you done any shadowing of a podiatrist as i think this is crucial for application. im only a student myself so maybe not the best to give advice on these things, but if you wanted someone who has been through the application process to take a look at your personal statement id be more than willing to.

    pm me if you have any questions etc and good luck :)
  3. Mimi McNaull

    Mimi McNaull Member

    Thank you for the suggestion, blumley! Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to apply anywhere else, because I live in Wirral and I cannot leave my home. SALFORD is the nearest one. Two years ago after I finished FHP course I asked one pod for shadowing but she told me that this is private and confidential and did not agree. But I like the idea and I'm going to try again somewhere else, may be with more success this time. I'm not intend to give up and hopefully next year I'll go there.

    Thank you again and if I need any help I will remember your very kind offer! :)

    Good luck!
  4. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Hi Mimi

    I too am quite mature (some may say old!) I have just graduated and it was a fascinating degree. I would be happy to have a look at your personal statement too. Its great that you are so determined and I hope that you finally get your wish!

    Good luck in the future

  5. Mimi McNaull

    Mimi McNaull Member

    Thank you, Linda, I send PM to you.

  6. Iwona

    Iwona Member

    I am international mature student and I will start podiatry in September. This is what I did: While I was filling the application via UCAS. I got the impression as a foreign mature student I couldn’t show my ability and determination! (I don’t have UK education!) In my case I didn’t live in the UK. So I had contacted the podiatry department and wrote an additional letter to the application statement, I also attached my course certification (cosmetic and specialistic pedicure). I decided for the course as I have different educational background and I wanted to be sure about career change. Anyway...
    If I were you I would incorporate some sentences that you wrote to podiatry arena into the statement:)) It shows you determination and more….

    If you need any help let me know

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