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Increase in membership fee SOCAP..seeking insurance elsewhere?

Discussion in 'Practice Management' started by Pod on sea, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Pod on sea

    Pod on sea Active Member

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    Has anyone gone elsewhere for indemnity insurance? If you do, then do you forfeit SOCAP membership entirely?
  2. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Hi POS,

    Ask yourself;` What benefits are there for keeping SCP membership, if I have PII elsewhere?`

    Should you continue to financially support an NHS Trade Union that you don`t require as an Independant Private Practitioner? Have the SCP demonstrated fair representation for both the public and private sector? Are any of your SCP `colleagues` severely undercutting your practice by offering low cost podiatry (utilising NHS resources) in your area, if so, what action has your professional body taken?

    Think about it.

  3. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    i have both scp and private insurance as scp insurance does not cover footcare assistants if you are off premises you can get private pii from any reputable broker. you may be able to join the society as anon practising member and hold your insurance elsewhere
  4. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Indeed. SCP insurance will also not cover you for any `extended practice`(as defined by the SCP) unless it is `accredited` (paid for, by you - to them). My advice: shop around.
  5. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    excellent advice
  6. martyn999

    martyn999 Welcome New Poster

    Hi, I am new to this site and came across this topic and thought to contribute. I am also a bit miffed at the increase in membership fees and don't feel like I have really been getting value for money for some time now. I have used another healthcare broker that I found through Google and they had some pretty good reviews - All Med Pro? Seemed to offer fairly comprehensive cover and good service at a premium which was better than the membership fee. Failing that I am sure there are others out there doing similar things.
  7. cperrin

    cperrin Active Member

    Its worth mentioning, that being someone on the other side of the fence e.g. an NHS pod who does not do private work, that i find SOCAP absoultey useless in all aspects, and as such, have never become a member and never intend to.

    It does not represent me or my views on podiatry, and never being a member has not affected me at all.

    If i were to leave the NHS and start up a private practice, i very much doubt I would be rushing to give SOCAP my money then either!
  8. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Yep. It is a common misconception that you have to be an SCP member in order to work within the NHS. When I was offered an NHS post I was not an SCP member, the only requirement was/is HCPC registration.
  9. Pod on sea

    Pod on sea Active Member

    I guess the society are useful for general advice and where you stand in certain (tricky) situations with patients.
    Has anyone needed legal/ malpractice advice who isn't a SOCAP member?
    Given that the world is becoming more litigious, isn't it advisable to have the backing of a professional body rather than just an insurer?
    I'm interested in all thoughts, but the general feedback so far seems to be that experiences of going elsewhere are good.
    All Med Pro were mentioned, I have used Tom Chaston at All Med Pro for other insurances, so I'll ponder...
  10. Blue123

    Blue123 Active Member

    I have just gone private and my first priority was to become a member with SOCAP (I assumed that I was required to?)....other pods tell me that all they have provided them with is a journal each month..maybe I rushed into it?

    Who else offers the same or better than SOCAP ?
  11. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member

    further to this thread, has any NHS Pod found alternative insurance which covered them for therapies beyond their "scope". i.e Acupuncture, steroid injection, US scans etc?

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