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Introduction of ATOM Aged Care Australia

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ATOM Australia, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. ATOM Australia

    ATOM Australia Welcome New Poster

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Fran and I'm introducing myself as our business here.
    ATOM stands for Aged care Training, Operations and Management.

    We're based in North Sydney, Australia and offer Managed Podiatry & Physiotherapy services tailored for Aged Care Facilities.

    We are looking for a podiatrist who is interested in working for a dynamic company that is offering an amazing rate of pay, a brand new company car, iPad, professional development package, cash bonuses and additional annual leave on top of the usual allowance. On top of all this a company that values a work life balance, patient care, staff incentives and your well being above all else.

    The position is for a general experienced podiatrist as well for a podiatry manager.

    The current role available is in Australia - Canberra Region, ACT and is for
    - Mobile General Podiatrist

    If you are interested in discussing the above position in more detail please call us on +61 (2) 8081 0800 or email your resume to admin.nsw@atomagedcare.com.

    The Role:

    • Assessing & diagnosis of existing conditions
    • Diabetic assessment and review
    • Developing and implementing care plans
    • Chronic disease and wound care management
    • General foot care and nail surgery
    • Falls prevention analysis
    • Building relationships with regular patients
    • Managing documentation requirements.

    The successful candidate should:

    • Be passionate about what they do
    • Be understanding and caring towards their patients
    • Have current AHPRA registration
    • Have sound clinical skills and knowledge
    • Be able to work independently
    • Show good documentation skills
    • Have at least 2 years relevant experience
    • Have excellent communication skills
    • Hold a valid drivers licence


    • Be part of a fun dynamic team
    • 457 Visa Sponsorship to stay in Australia
    • All equipment & stock provided
    • Above average wage package and allowances
    • Fantastic career progression opportunities
    • Continuing professional education and training
    • Bonus structure on top of your wages package
    • Quarterly team professional development
    • Choice of Gym membership, Monthly Massages or Health Insurance
    • Company iPad 4 with 3G
    • Brand new company car and fuel allowance
    • Additional annual holiday PA
    • Strong work life balance promoted from within

    If you feel you have the necessary skills, experience and drive for this position, then don't hesitate and contact us today for further details.

    If you know a friend who would be interested in participating, don't hesitate to refer him/her to us

    Thank you for your time

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