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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Trent Baker, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member

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    Hi all. I have only just joined this forum and I'm looking forward to discussing ideas with you all. I have been in private practice in Penrith NSW for 5 years now and built this little baby from scratch. I was in the 2nd year through the UWS degree which is now sadly at an end. However studying under some amazing staff at UWS still leaves me craving to acheive and learn more in Podiatry. I really love our profession but crave the company of other crazy Pods since I lost a full time Pod to his calling O.S and the pain of solo private practice takes hold. lol just give me a minute as I wipe away the tears, ha ha. Looking forward to sharing with all of you soon.

  2. Mark2

    Mark2 Member

    G'Day Trent,
    I had a little tear in my eye too, reading your story. I am in a similar situation in practice as a sole practioner, excuse the pun. Was a graduate of UWS just the year above yourself. I have just been introduced to "the arena" and look forward to the discussions and learning from other peoples experiences.
    Speak to yous all soon.
    Mark Osborne
  3. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member

    Good to hear from you Mark. I'm sure there are many people in our situation. I actually enjoy being a sole practitioner most of the time, minimal staff issues to deal with. It's hard enough to run a practice and provide high quality care for your patients, then to contend with staff sickness and holidays and all the other wonders that come with employees. I guess it's the interaction with other Pods that becomes important. To be honest, I think second only to the huge patient load I was dealing with alone, the motivating factor in seeking additional Podiatry staff was the need for contact with another Podiatrist. Talk about buying friends! Anyway, back to the huge load on my own but kind of content with the situation at the same time. :)
  4. METaylor

    METaylor Active Member

    'new' technique

    dear Matt and Trent
    you may be interested in a workshop/get together in Sydney (Kirrawee, miles from Penrith) that I'm running - see thread, Strengthening ligaments in feet and ankles. Its actually not new, prolotherapy has been around since the 1950s but is low-tech - ie too simple.
    Cheers, Margi

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