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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Megan Sewell, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Megan Sewell

    Megan Sewell Welcome New Poster

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    Hello All

    I am a podiatrist currently residing in Sydney NSW and discovered this forum during my investigations into online access to continuing professional education.

    What a bonus finding this site - look forward to becoming more invloved.

    Can anyone inform me of the CPD points conversion to hours for the APodC?

  2. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Megan,


    If you look on the top panel the 2nd from last item states: quick links. If you click there it should help you if you're searching.

    I've pasted some information from Pod' Arena below, hope it helps.

    Regards & happy posting,

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    » Continuing Professional Development
    Continuing professional development (CPD) is the way health professionals continue to learn and develop throughout their careers following their initial entry into the profession, so they keep their skills and knowledge up to date. There are many ways of providing or obtaining CPD, as are there many regulatory authorities throughout the world that requires documentation of CPD activities.

    Podiatry Arena has implemented a system of CPD points that can be converted into a certificate to present to these regulatory authorities that accept it as evidence of your learning activities here.

    The CPD Points earned here are automated and are the result of an algorithm that weights and gives points for different activities. The weighting given to different activities are being monitored and tweaked over time.

    Where do you find your CPD Points:
    The totals can be found in two places: the welcome panel at the top right of each page when you are logged on and in your User CP (control panel)

    The following activities at Podiatry Arena earn points:
    * Registering as a member (this is so that no one starts with a zero)
    * Recruiting new members (your user name will need to be entered in the 'Referer' box when the new member first registers for this to be credited; the more members we have, the more people that can contribute to the CPD of the community; the number of referals you got will appear in your user profile, if your user name was specified when the new member joins.)
    * Logging on and reading messages (this takes into account the time that you are active when logged on)
    * Starting a new thread (the creator of threads gets points for starting the thread and for the number of replies and number of views. More points are earned if you start interesting threads; ie you are contributing to others CPD; to prevent abuse, if we delete a frivilous thread because its not considered important enough, you lose double the points earned for that thread)
    * Posting replies in threads (to prevent abuse, we can tag posts that do not add value to the thread and no points are earned for it; alternatively if we delete frivilous posts as they are of no value, you lose double the points that was gained for that post)
    * Completing the fields in your profile (this helps tell the community more about you; if you are logged on you can edit your profile here)

    How often are points updated:
    Some happen instantly and others tick over at midnight, so they are always up-to-date tomorrow :)

    Obtaining you Podiatry Arena CPD Certificate:

    When you require the certificate for your CPD simply click here to arrange payment of US$25.00 and a PDF of a certificate will be emailed to you. Your CPD points will be converted into CPD hours. We have chosen to be extremely conservative on the conversion, so the hours may not actually reflect your actual hours spent here.

    Information specific to each country will be posted in the specific country issues forums when its sorted out:
    United Kingdom
    New Zealand
    South Africa

    More information here:
    The initial post that inspired the scheme is here.
    The first discussion about the scheme when the CPD Points first appeared is here. Ask any questions in this thread.
    The Podiatry Arena Privacy Policy is here.
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  3. Brigitte Hayden

    Brigitte Hayden Welcome New Poster

    Hi All Arena users,

    My name is Brigitte and I am a podiatrist working in Ireland. I work for the HSE and I am enjoying it at the moment. Ther are lots of jobs here in Ireland and it anyone is looking for one just let me know.
  4. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Brigette,

    You have added your 'hi' to someone elses 1st post. To appear on your own introduction you need to post as a new poster unless Craig (da boss man) moves it for you.

    Anyway, hi & :welcome:

    Best regards, :drinks

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