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Kevin Kirby: The Angry Podiatrist

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Kevin Kirby, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Chris McDougall, author of "Born to Run", has given me a new title....."the angry podiatrist".....on his blog. I think I like the new moniker.


    Maybe Chris McDougall just doesn't like someone challenging all the myths he tries to promote in his book?
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Notice how he name calls ..."the angry podiatrist" .. rather than actually address the issues that you raise. Why is that so typical of the barefoot running community? Why can they not discuss the issues and stop resorting to attacking those who say something negative about barefoot running? I notice he refutes none of your claims. Why is that?
  3. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  4. you know the answer Craig. Same reason it always gets "personal" on certain topics here. It takes far less knowledge and thought to attack the messenger than it does to attack the message. Its easy, anyone can do it. And It diverts attention nicely away from the science.

    It's exactly what I would expect from someone with a name like Chris (irony)

    besides, I'd have thought if anyone deserves the title of angriest podiatrist it would be Simon or me!

    I feel a poll coming on...
  5. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Nicely put! One thing I have noticed following all this barefoot running discussions and debates, is that the barefoot running community have got to be the worst I have ever come across at doing this!
  6. Bruce Williams

    Bruce Williams Well-Known Member


    that is only because you don't get to watch enough far right ( and occasionally left) american politics and especially the Faux News Channel!

    Cue up some you Tubed Glen Beck or Bill O'Reilly for examples.

    At least when Keith Olberman does it, it is done usually with a sense of humor and irony - from my POV of course.

    Thank goodness for the mute button and a product called "fox blocker"!

  7. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I love them! I especially like the reaction that the left have to them - pure entertainment!
  8. Bruce Williams

    Bruce Williams Well-Known Member

    Maybe you should consider that approach in your dealing with the barefoot runners as well? "Pure entertainment!";)

    Just a thought.
  9. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I didn't say I agreed with O'Reilly and Beck - I just find it fun.

    Next time you are in a bookshop - pick up Glen Beck's latest book and read the back cover. It full of quotes from the 'hate' book reviews --- very funny.
  10. It appears that Simon Bartold if he reads this may become the angry podiatrist

  11. fatboy

    fatboy Active Member

    Isn't being angry is a sign of passion about a topic.

    I love barefoot runners, you can get them really angry when they tell you we weren't designed to run in 'shoes' by asking them if they've ever flown in a plane...
  12. charlie70

    charlie70 Active Member

    I don't get it - what's the analogy behind asking if they've ever flown in a plane?
    BTW I've not only flown IN a plane, I've actually flown one a couple of times (not on my todd though: but it was still fun. Aerobatics especially rocks!) and I understand a very little about the mechanics of flying (air pressure, elevators, ailerons etc) and I STILL don't get your analogy.
    Mind you, I'm having a truly **** week so may just be brain dead.
  13. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    The analogy is based on barefoot runners, in general, being quite irrational and illogical in what they argue as the benefits of barefoot running and why they think people people should run barefoot.

    One of the arguments they present, is that we are not born or created with running shoes on - we are born and created barefoot. Fatboy was just pointing to the absurdity of the argument - we weren't born or created to fly either! ...

    The barefoot runners can't have it both ways - they either have to give up the illogical claim or give up the other things that we weren't created to do -- eg flying

    Barefoot runners have a track record of having it both ways - they will absolutly dish and trash any research that does not match their 'world view', but will not apply the same standard of critical analysis to research that supports their 'world view' .... if they want to be taken seriously they have to stop the 'having it both ways'!
  14. I've not been much into this particular row.

    But out of interest, if we were designed to run barefoot would it not also be logical to deduce we were designed to WALK barefoot?

    Do these guys wear shoes?
  15. toomoon

    toomoon Well-Known Member

    I have been quite on this matter because I had to lock myself in a quiet room for a few days after learning I did not get the Angriest Podiatrist gong. Truly gutted, and how come Kirby always gets all the accolades?
    I am now attending anger management to make me angrier.
    is the quote from McDougall? if so he might like to broaden his mind and read the issue of The Journal of Physiology in which this 3 year long study was published. Would be very interested to know where you found this one.. might just respond...
  16. Now that Dr. Spooner is officially a master....being over four decades old and all....I hear he will now be offering a Masters Division Anger-Enhancement Course specifically for podiatrists who are suffering from too much happiness, passivity and peacefulness. Bartold, you should see if Dr. Spooner can help you along in your anger development so you can get some more votes for "Angriest Podiatrist" in the future.:cool::eek:;)

    Sorry Dr. Spooner, I just couldn't resist.:drinks
  17. Yep direct from his blog....http://chrismcdougall.com/blog/. Scroll down a bit and it at the bottom if the 1st page. If you get supper angry your still a chance for the gong I would think.
  18. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    For someone who promotes barefoot running the only photo of his lower extremity on his own website shows him running in shoes?

  19. Now thats Funny.......
  20. blinda

    blinda MVP

  21. toomoon

    toomoon Well-Known Member

    seems there is no possibility of replying to the post.. what a pity
  22. Actually, he leaked details of the course.

    Its a multi level qualification (can't jump straight to a higher degree.)

    The foundation level is Dynamic Angrily Motivated Nihilist (DAMN!).

    The graduate level qualification is Anger Regognition and Surpressed Emotion, Hatred Of Lame Elucidation (ARSEHOLES!!)

    The higher degree is Better Understanding Great Gaps in Eruditely Reading Inadequate Theories (BUGGER IT!!!)

    And only Simon has reached the doctorate level

    Further Understanding of Crushing Kindness In Tearing Apart Literally Libelously Tenuous Opinion, Shameless Humiliating Inadequate Therorists.

    Sign up today and avoid the rush of cheerful folk.
  23. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Genius sir
  24. Hoppo

    Hoppo Member

    Labeling people is easy, getting rid or the label - not always so easy, welcoming the new moniker is good, really dosen't suit you though.
  25. My sons, now 27 and 22 years old, think the name "the angry podiatrist" is absolutely hilarious. They laugh everytime we talk about it and the barefoot running fad since they were both very good cross-country and track athletes and grew up watching me run every day.

    Don't really believe what Chris McDougall thinks about me has made any difference to me or my practice. However, his name for me has given me and many of the people who know me quite a bit of entertainment over the past year.:D
  26. Graham

    Graham RIP

    Angry No! Driven! YES!

    Tat's why we love you!

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