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klenz machine

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by scoobie, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. scoobie

    scoobie Welcome New Poster

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    Have just joined the pod arena . Have just opened a clinic in my home town after doing back breaking domicillary for a few years. It is such a relief to be able to treat feet without having to get on my knees or bend in all directions !!!

    After buying all the necessary equipment needed to set up clinic, I am wondering whether to invest in a "klenz machine" to kill bacteria in patient`s footwear.

    All the info about the machine looks interesting and reinfection of athlete`s foot and nail fungus is certainly an issue.

    Has anyone any thoughts on this ?

    regards, scoobie
  2. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    I have looked and cannot find any real evidence for the claimed benefits, other than anecdotal. I tell patients to rotate their shoe use, so they give them a rest - ideally putting them out in the sun to air out. Dont forget - for every piece of electrical equipment you use in your practice- thats another annual servicing and testing bill you will rack up...(Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations Act 1994 )
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2010
  3. scoobie

    scoobie Welcome New Poster

    Thanks for reply, Footsie Girl.,

    yes I know it would be more outlay but these machines are quite cheap ( £199 cheapest quote + VAT ) . They use only 12 watts electric - and a charge of say £2.50 per pair of shoes/trainers would recoup the initial cost after a while.

    Apparently there are no maintenence costs and machine lasts for years.

    Also it just seems a cheaper option for patients with A.F. and Verrucae than buying the anti fungal sprays etc.

    Has anyone out there actually purchased one for clinic use? If so how is it going.?

    regards, scoobie
  4. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    Sorry, I think I cited the wrong piece of legislation, but I am pretty sure that ALL electrical goods used at work must be tested and inspected annually?
  5. scoobie

    scoobie Welcome New Poster

    I know every thing electrical has to be P.A.T. tested for electrical safety 1 year after purchase and thereafter every year.
    Anything that requires servicing has to be done each year to cover liability insurance.

    thanks , scoobie
  6. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    OK...if you find any research on the use of Klenz machine i would be interested to know ...
  7. scoobie

    scoobie Welcome New Poster

    O.K. will gladly keep you informed if I find out any more info.

    perhaps other people will join the thread if they know anything about the klenz machime.
  8. magda66

    magda66 Active Member

    hi scoobie
    was just checking or should i say trying to check this machine out on the web. there doesn't seem to be any research on this particular machine out there. did you manage to find anything since your last post?

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