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Lower Limb Orthopaedics UK seminar

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by David Smith, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. David Smith

    David Smith Well-Known Member

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    Hi Guys
    Here's an interesting seminar that I've booked. £99+vat 9am-4pm 8th June Regents Park Hotel
    If your interested go here:

    CPD Gateway

    Lower Limb Orthopaedic Master Class

    We are pleased to announce that our next All-Day Orthopaedic Master Class will be taking place in Central London on Saturday 8th June 2013, 9am – 4pm. The event, entitled ”Lower Limb Orthopaedic Master Class” will be delivered by seven Consultants from the London Orthopaedic Clinic, and Dr Syed Babar Consultant Radiologist. This interesting, exciting and interactive programme offers 7 hours CPD, a handout booklet of all speakers presentations / slides and also includes refreshments and pastries on arrival, mid morning resfreshments, and a hot buffet lunch for £99 + VAT.


    Ankle Arthritis by Mr R Lloyd Williams

    The causes, symptoms, investigation and treatment will be discussed. In particular the management of early arthritis, particularly in sport. The choice between fusion and replacement and their implications will also be shown. Other surgical and non surgical treatments will be debated.

    • Causes of Ankle Arthritis
    • Treatment of Early Arthritis
    • Fusion
    • Replacement

    Tibialis Posterior Tendon Deficiency / Problematic Flat Foot by Mr Rohit Madhav

    The fallen arch can be very disabling and often presents late due the gradual nature of its progression. The aims are to discuss the various pathologies, aetiological factors, various signs and symptoms at different stages, and their treatment options. Natural physiological flat feet are common and mostly do not require treatment, but they can progress just as well.
    If identified early and with various non-surgical treatments, the diseases can be prevented from causing catastrophic arch failure necessitating surgical solutions. In the “at risk” diabetic and vascular insufficiency patients the consequences can be devastating.
    Surgical restorative reconstruction methods will also be covered, with good long-term outcomes.

    • Understand the various Pathologies
    • Identify problems early
    • Initiate early rapid treatment to prevent progression
    • Comprehend the various Reconstructive options available

    History and Examination of Knee Pain / Disorders by Mr Jig Patel

    This lecture will cover the fundamental aspects of identifying knee pathology by history and examination. I hope to demonstrate the majority of common knee conditions can be adequately identified by time spent in pertinent history taking and basic examination. I hope to demonstrate a simple and readily reproducible system for identifying knee disorders.

    • Key features in taking a history
    • A simple method of knee examination.

    MR Imaging of Knee Corners by Dr Syed Babar, Consultant Radiologist

    This lecture will describe a mechanistic approach of knee injuries and their evaluation by MRI. The lecture will focus on the anatomy of the knee corners and how various structures are the key components, which are damaged during common knee injuries. The lecture will focus on the role of MR in assessing these injuries.

    • Anatomy of knee corners
    • Mechanism of injury
    • Role of MR is assessing the knee injuries

    Controversial Topics in Hip Surgery by Mr Sean Curry

    An overview of the current state of hip surgery highlighting the areas where there is debate on current practice with a view to clarifying what is evidence based, what is realistic (but not yet proven) and what is merely a fashionable trend.

    • Overview of current practice in hip surgery
    • Evidence base for current treatments
    • Possible future developments in hip surgery

    Surface Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle by Mr R Lloyd Williams

    A thorough overview of the surface anatomy of the joints, bones, nerves, vessels, tendon and ligaments will be demonstrated. Drawings on a live specimen will be shown.

    • Interactive
    • Live Demo

    Inexplicable knee problems by Dr John Outhwaite

    Mal-alignment syndromes. Muscle imbalance syndromes and rare causes of persistent knee pain before and after surgery are explained. An approach to ‘difficult’ knee pain is outlined.

    • Other causes of knee pain
    • Obscure rheumatological causes
    • Mal-alignment syndromes

    Neuropathic Conditions affecting the Lower Limb by Dr Deane Halfpenny

    There are a number of painful conditions affecting the lower limb, many of which are well understood with effective treatments and favourable outcomes. Neuropathic lower limb syndromes tend to be somewhat more complex in their presentation, with response to treatment often poor and outcome uncertain. Early recognition and treatment of these conditions can make a significant difference to individuals. Providing clinicians with a range of strategies is important and will be explored during this presentation alongside prognosis and outcomes.

    • Recognition of neuropathic symptoms
    • Common conditions associated with neuropathic pain
    • Treatment algorithms for suspected neuropathic lower limb syndromes
    • Outcome analysis.

    Calf Pain in Athletes by Mr David Goodier

    The term “Shin Splints” is outdated and takes no regard of the multiple pathologies that can present as lower leg pain in athletes. We will discuss the diagnosis and management of the most common causes of this often poorly understood problem.

    • “Exercise Induced Leg Pain (EILP)” is a better term
    • Chronic External Compartment Syndrome
    • Stress Fracture
    • Medial Tibia Stress Fracture

    Regards Dave Smith

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