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LPN foot care in Canada

Discussion in 'Canada' started by SaraEC, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. SaraEC

    SaraEC Member

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    Hi folks,
    Does anyone know if BSc hons podiatry graduates can practice as a foot care nurse in Canada?? I'v been trauling the net for podiatry jobs as I hope to practice out there in the coming months but not much seems to be advertised. Time and time again I see reference to LPN / RPN Foot care and the job description sounds almost like the wound care / diabetic area of podiatry. ( and ther seems tonnes of them)!!!

    Can anyone help with this mystery?

    Sara :)
  2. hauckpod

    hauckpod Member

    Why would you if you are a qualified Podiatrist?
  3. itlittle

    itlittle Member

    It wouldn't be advertised as podiatrist , maybe try chiropist? -- and Yes it would be under foot care nurse , but the pay is really poor for your qualifications. I am a food care nurse studying for the course of podiatrist -- and yes the jobs here a far and few between. sorry.
  4. podclimber

    podclimber Welcome New Poster

    Hi Sara,

    I can only speak to BC specific experience. "Podiatry" is a protected titled and is allowable only those who have a DPM from an accredited school (currently all schools are located in the US) and have done post-graduate training from an accredited residency program. "Foot Care Nurses" are either RN's or LPN's that are regulated by their own profession. The term "Chiropody" is not recognized in BC at all. You may have better luck in another province.

    Hope that helps.


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