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My first post - who am I

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Peter Gormley, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Peter Gormley

    Peter Gormley Welcome New Poster

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    Hi my name is Peter Gormley, I am training as an Assistant Podiatrist... up here in sunny Scotland. I am working with Clare Dunne and Blair Murray at Five Little Piggies in Rutherglen. I am relatively new to all this, and came from a 30year career in IT - from computer digits to human digits. Quite a change of career for me, but I am loving it!!!

    I wonder if you nice folks in here would care to help me with a little research that I am looking at ...
    Recently we have came across issues with some patients that use glitter nail polish, where a bit of the glitter has got trapped in the nail grove and has caused an infection. I want to see how often this occurs, if you have seen similar, please can you post a message in here for me. Its a little bit of research that I am doing. Thanks in advance
  2. HJobling

    HJobling Member

    Hello Peter,
    I just wanted to say hello, as no one had replied to your post. Good luck with your change of career. Hope the weather holds and it’s still sunny in Scotland when we come up for the conference on Glasgow in a couple of weeks. Although, coming from the North East of England we are ‘used’ to all sorts of weather.

    Regarding your question, you might get a better response if you post it in the ‘General Issues / Discussion Forum. As that seems to get a lot more visits than the introduction section. It is an interesting point and I hope you get some replies.
    Have a great day, regards
  3. Peter Gormley

    Peter Gormley Welcome New Poster

    Hi Helen,
    So far I am ... SHHHH don't tell anyone but I am sitting my assessment next week!!! North East - yep, you will get all the same rubbish we get.

    Thanks for the tip on my posting, I was wondering why it never got any replies.

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