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Podiatrist position in beautiful Hervey Bay

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Jason@Advanced Foot Care, Jul 12, 2019.

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    We are expanding our Hervey Bay services and have room for a new podiatrist to join the team in beautiful Hervey Bay, QLD!
    Looking for a role where you’ll be challenged, you’ll grow and have a bunch of fun in the process?
    Advanced Foot Care is looking for a podiatrist (ideal for a recent graduate or podiatrist early in their career), to join our friendly and experienced team in Hervey Bay, QLD. We are expanding and have room for more.
    What’s in it for you?
    Coastal Lifestyle
    - Enjoy beautiful weather all year and a very affordable cost of living (You could buy a house for about half the price of a unit in Capital cities).
    Healthy Salary Package with relocation assistance
    Experienced Team + Support Staff - Learn daily from our experienced pods and have the support of our admin team - so you can focus on what you do best.
    High Quality Equipment - Enjoy working with up-to-date high quality equipment including treatment chairs, high quality drills (with brand new spares available), full length video and pressure gait analysis platforms, and our in-house orthotic CAD/milling system. Get your work done easily with all the right tools available to you in excellent condition.
    Modern Facility - The clinic has a dedicated biomechanics room plus a footwear store including leading products like FRANKiE4’s, Naot, Dr Comfort and more. We are also a COBRA9 partner
    Ongoing CPD Professional Development - Enhance your personal growth with regular CPD sessions plus a training allowance
    About Advanced Foot Care
    Our purpose to help you achieve yours.
    Since we started in 2008 we have helped thousands of people stay active and mobile.
    We're extremely passionate about helping people with their foot and lower limb problems so they can get back to enjoying their daily life. Whether it's playing sport, keeping up with their kids, working or simply going for a walk along the beach without feeling pain and discomfort.
    We also take pride in helping practitioners and staff develop their skills into becoming great practitioners and people. Providing opportunity for career progression within our clinics.

    About The Role
    Full time Podiatrist
    The position will see a varied client load of new and existing patients, it will include biomechanics, diabetes, nail surgery, general foot care and more.
    Up-to-date modern equipment and laptop. There will be experienced support staff available to maximise your efficiency and effectiveness. Regular CPD sessions included.
    To those interstate or overseas - for the right applicant, we will assist for relocation.
    This role does not have any nursing home work and is always in a clinical setting
    About You
    You will be registered with AHPRA / or eligible to be, plus have the relevant tertiary qualifications or higher.
    We’re open to all experience levels from new grads to experienced podiatrists.
    Important - Must have a great positive attitude and be a team player. Our focus is on working together as a team to deliver the best possible clinical outcomes for our clients.
    How to apply:
    The first step is to apply send your resume and cover letter to
    If you’re eligible you will be contacted for an initial skype interview
    Note: We like to hand-pick our own team, so no recruiters please.

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