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Podiatrist without borders.

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Jorisds, May 20, 2010.

  1. Jorisds

    Jorisds Member

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    Students from the podiatric department at the Artevelde University college in Ghent wonder if there is something in podiatry, similar to ‘doctors without borders’ or ‘doctors without vacation’
    They are willing to spend their holidays 'to volunteer podiatry work'.
  2. Hi Joris,

    There was a group of Pods that used to go from Vietnam from Australia doing lots of foot surg and assessments ( so good for students) This was 10 -15 years ago I´m not sure if it still on. Or if the time will work out. I can email some people if the Students are intersted, there will costs of flights etc.

    Hope the ash cloud not getting to much in the way of teaching and the house is coming on well.
  3. Jorisds

    Jorisds Member

    Thank you Michael for the info. If you could email some people that would be nice !! Hope we meet again in Stockholm !! We had a great evening there !!
  4. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    Hello Joris

    Since August of 2008, the International Institute for Foot and Ankle Surgery embarked on its 4th annual medical mission to El Salvador. Founded by Dr. Joseph D. Giovinco, an Atlanta podiatrist, the IIFAS continues to freely offer citizens of the world the same standard of podiatric medical care as their United States counterparts.

    This years eight day podiatric medical campaign was successfully headed by podiatrists Dr. Joseph D. Giovinco and Dr. Chris Menke. The non-profit organization arrived to this native country, equipped with over $25,000 worth of corporate and privately donated medical hardware and supplies.

    With the assistance of local supporters, the campaign was able to transport across the country towards the town of San Miguel. It is here that campaign members lived with the local family of Dr. Salvador Perez, who is the chief of surgery at the hospital of Nueva Guadeloupe. Collaboration between Dr. Giovinco and Dr. Salvador Perez, resulted in an organized team of 17 volunteers which included both American podiatrists and El Salvadorian surgeons.

    To start the campaign, this mission makes an initial excursion to several rural villages embedded along the country-side of El Salvador. This leg of the campaign provided members of the mission team an opportunity to offer in-home care to some of the more remote and financially burdened citizens.

    The next stage of the campaign takes place at the hospital of Nueva Guadalupe. Here, the campaign utilized the hospital's clinical quarters and services to evaluate and treat over 100 individual patients, who were able to make the long pilgrimage.

    Although these patients presented with a variety of conditions, the overall population of El Salvador is without proper podiatric medical care. This results in an unfortunate number of people and children with neglected deformities and post traumatic ailments.

    Children with congenital deformities were evaluated for treatment by means of gait analysis and physical examination. If left untreated, one can see how these imperfections not only effect the biomechanical function of the body, but can compromise the patient's overall quality of life.

    Based on age and severity of the underlying condition, some of these patients were able to begin a serial casting regiment. This is a method used to correct a young child's clubfoot deformity, whereby a gradual sequence of reduction is utilized before the foot becomes ossified and rigid.

    For patients who posses neglected or severe deformities, surgical treatment was offered. This took place in the hospital's operating rooms, where team members worked side by side with resident doctors to provide an uncompromising standard of medical care.

    Through hours of tireless effort, the 2008 IIFAS campaign was able to surgically address more than two dozen complex and immobilizing conditions. This involved a variety of high caliber surgical procedures and techniques to restore and improve function to the feet and legs of El Salvador's citizens.
The IIFAS has many goals, aside from providing the impoverished with high quality podiatric medical care. The central mission of the institute is to empower indigenous health care providers to offer the same level of care for themselves through education and training.
This continuing effort is made possible by both the local ancillary services offered by the hospital of Nueva Guadalupe, as well as the overwhelming support of local residents and hospital staff. In addition to volunteer translation service and medical assistance, these local citizens also provide travel and housing arrangements to the campaigns members.

    This integration and cooperation with the native cultural community remains an important touchstone of the IIFAS. It is a vital component in the effort to achieve a lasting relationship with the people of the world around us.

    For more information about the International Institute for Foot and Ankle Surgery's current and future campaigns, please visit the official website at www.iifas.net.
  5. Joris,

    No email back yet. Just thought I would keep you updated
  6. Jorisds

    Jorisds Member

    Thanks Michael !!

    All the best.



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