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Podiatry Around the World

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Supercooper_1997, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Supercooper_1997

    Supercooper_1997 Welcome New Poster

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    I heard about this site through student doctor network, so I am relatively new to this site. I am thoroughly enjoying everyone's posts so far! I am hoping the wide variety of podiatrists/podologists(?) active here can give me some insight. I am currently a podiatry student in the US, and I am interested to know if an American DPM can practice in Europe and Australia. If they can, would an American podiatrist be limited to what a podiatrist from that nation can do? I'd love to learn!
  2. Karey Fleming

    Karey Fleming Active Member

    Hi there. I'm currently recruiting a podiatrist to work with Team HealthWalks in Nova Scotia, Canada. Here is our post:
    Because we have a shortage, we help with immigration so I've had to learn a little about podiatry around the world. The UK trained podiatrists as well as most Canadian podiatrists are trained as chiropodists and are not physicians. Australia from what I know is the same. I'm confused about the USA. It appears from what I've read that some states are podiatrist physicians but I'm not sure if there are training facilities that train chiropodists and they are called podiatrists. I'm therefore confused about where to share my job posting in order to recruit for a chiropodist? Hopefully, you can help me with that.

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