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Podiatry in 2020

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by mike weber, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Ive just come back from a walk in the snow I was listening to some old Music from the 90´s ( jane´s addidiction and STP if your intersted )and thinking how much Podiatry thinking has changed since I completed my degree. And as we are about to start 2010 or have just started in My home land of Australia Im just wondering where people think we will be in 10 years. What might we be discussing on Podiatry Arena in 10 years.

    things Like
    will Root mechanics finially be put to bed?
    will Ultrasound be the best diagnostic tool for soft tissue diagnosis
    will have MTJ axis Rotational Equilbrium theory
    will Diabeties have a cure
    will Podiatry training become 5 years in most countries or will a DPM become the norm
    etc etc

    What you think ?

    Have a great 2010.
  2. Michael:

    This just so happens to be nearly the same exact title I was going to use as a paper that I wrote down as one of two important "to do papers" from about 10 years ago....but never got around to it (the thoughts on this subject did end up in my second book). The other paper title I wrote down and did complete was this one: Subtalar joint axis location and rotational equilibrium theory of foot function.

    Lesson to be learned: Future improvements in the podiatry profession won't come unless someone takes the time and effort to make it happen.

    Happy New Year!
  3. I guess this is the key to everything and why PA is a great push for those who may not have made the effort in the past, I´m even considering some research topics which I would never had done 5 years ago.
  4. ok Heres mine.

    - The spead of Podiatry as we know it throughout Europe.
    - Podiatry education to inprove with a higher level of Students and teaching with the 3 years undergrad 2 year master to become the norm in Places outside of the US.
    -Understanding of the MTJ to increase and specific orthotic designs to be introduced.
    - Ultrasound to be in house and normal diagnostic tool in most practices.

    Thats it for now, there will probably be more
  5. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I can't say much on 2020, but 2009 was quite a pivotal year for me in how much my thinking changed. It will probably surprise a few people whaa i now think about some things ... but more on that later as I still testing the rationality of it ... (I writing a 'article' that will be a posted message here in a week or so)
  6. Look forward to having a read of that.

    Here´s some more thoughts I had

    - Greater understanding of biomechancis of the body above the talocural joint and its effects on the foot.
  7. TedJed

    TedJed Active Member

    I'm putting in my plug for manual therapies to be part of the new undergraduate curriculum; 10 lectures with 10 prac sessions through one semester of 4th year would be a fabulous start for new pods.

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