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Podiatry Student Next Year

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rendani, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Rendani

    Rendani Welcome New Poster

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    Hello Everyone! This is Rendani from South Africa I have decided that i will studying podiatry next year. Honestly i do not know much about the profession. I need tips on how to succeed as a student and also as a professional.
  2. Lee Dror

    Lee Dror Welcome New Poster

    Hi Rendani. There are a couple of podiatry subreddits that might help you. One is a subreddit for podiatry students, and the other is for podiatrists, students and patients alike. You can find them by searching for "podiatry" on Reddit.
    Hope this helps! Good luck :)
  3. Disha Bhavsar

    Disha Bhavsar Welcome New Poster

    Hey! I am also studying podiatry next year! so I completely feel you. Where are you going to university? I would suggest reading books and watching vids on youtube related to podiatry. I am following few youtube channels such as the college of podiatry
    I hope this will help!

    good luck!!
  4. ManchesterPod

    ManchesterPod Welcome New Poster

    Most uni's loose a large amount of students the 1st year, i.e. students who only want to party, lazy students ect., make sure you only associate yourself with the students who look like they will be there in the 2nd year! Also get to know the students in the year(s) above you, most are only to happy to pass on there knowledge if you ask!
  5. Rendani

    Rendani Welcome New Poster

    Thanks Disha! I will be studying at University of Johannesburg in South Africa. I did Medicine up to 3rd year, so I know all about University life.

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