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Postgrad Biomechanics Course

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by ADuff, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. ADuff

    ADuff Member

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    Dear All,

    I want to do a Postgrad course (PGDip/MSc) in Biomechanics and/or Sport. Being based in HK I need the course to be delivered either by distance learning or 2/3 week long on-sites. Can anyone give me some recommendations?


  2. Alex this does not answer your question but is I beleive an alternative which may save you travel costs and may even give you greater biomechanical knowledge without leaving home.

    1st if you want some letters behind your name then sorry for waisting your time and I hope someone will provide the links for you or if its a stepping stone for a PHD again sorry for not answering your question but if you after greater Biomechancial Knowledge try these ideas.

    Read alot here on Podiatry arena, get involoved in the discussions you will learn more by getting involved. Your questions and ideas will be answered, you may even teach as well.

    Get hold of Kevin Kirby´s book. Here an link. https://secure.physicianwebpages.com/forms/dpmlab/order_form.cfm

    the 1st book is out of print but Kevin has said something about a reprint ( I´m hopeing soon as I don´´t have book 1 )

    Biomechanical boot camp. I´m not sure if Craig gets to your country but maybe a weekend Overseas might work for you.

    Here´s a link for you.

    Thought experiments here on PA

    Heres a link to the 1st one at the bottom of the page you will see links that will take you to the rest.


    Get JAPMA and a Biomechanics Journal sent to your home.



    or a sports med journal


    By doing this your Knowledge is Likely to grow at a faster rate than just doing a masters as you will constantly challenge your ideas.

    But again it depends on what you are after. I hope that it helps if not sorry for the waist of your time and goodluck finding the masters program.
  3. ADuff

    ADuff Member

    Thanks Michael for the info. I do most of those things already but HK is an area where people ie clients are very hooked into what qualifications you have. I already have a MSc in Diabetes and do not wish to do a PhD. But a PGDip in Biomech/Sport would be helpful in making me appeal to a larger client base.
  4. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Hi Alex,

    Check out this thread I did a while back - basically a list of the potential courses you may be interested in. Not sure how up to date it is or if the links on it still work but may give you some ideas and contact details.

    I'm pretty sure UWIC (Cardiff) do a week long residential type delivery - alot of the others are 5-6 weekends over the academic year usually

  5. Aussie_Bec

    Aussie_Bec Member

    UniSA - Adelaide, should be offering there masters health science (podiatry) unit in biomechanics next year???
  6. pgcarter

    pgcarter Well-Known Member

    Uni of South Australia has post grad cert with biomech subjects via distance learning, I am intending to begin it in 2010
    regards Phill
  7. monkey rob

    monkey rob Member

    Hi alex

    I'm in my 1st year doing an MSc in 'musculoskeletal studies (lower limb)' at UWIC (cardiff), which, as Ian said, is run over 3 years, and has 3 week-long contact periods a year.


  8. pgcarter

    pgcarter Well-Known Member

    Uni SA has suspended enrolement for the masters but is still offering the post grad cert which has half or more of it's load as biomech if you choose those options.
    regards Phill Carter

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