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Reaching out to fhp's...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Oldskool, May 12, 2010.

  1. Oldskool

    Oldskool Welcome New Poster

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    Hello all you fhp's!!! I just wanted to send you a little message of encouragement as it seems some of you have been getting quite a battering from some old timers on here (you know who you are oh grumpy ones so willing to share your experience and knowledge...not!!)
    I am a pod working in a clinic alongside a chiropodist and an fhp, we work really well together, a great team and the knowledge and clinical skills delivered from our fhp is outstanding. I know of 3 other fhp's in the surrounding area who are also fantastic.
    Its such a shame that some people on this site prey on you fhp's, as podiatry arena is for people of all backgrounds to come together to share knowledge, years of experience and to seek advice. How sad is it that there are so many who would rather slate you if you dont hold a particular qualification.
    Are we not all on here for the same reason????? Is helping people with problematic feet not what we are interested in????
    What I'd like to say is, keep up your good work fhp's! Ignore the miserable bitter ones on here and continue to use this site as its full of really usefull information.
    (Cornmerchant, I am really NOT interested in what you have to say on this post so If I were you dont waste your time commenting as reading previous posts and debates you have had, speaking as a successful pod I find you a discrace.....)

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