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Supplying sandals?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by MrBen, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. MrBen

    MrBen Active Member

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    I'm looking at supplying shoeware through my practice. About all i'm aware of is the Dr comfrot range. I would really like to supply a sandal aswell (dont think Dr comfort has this option)
    I would be interested to know any experiences with providing shoes, has it worked? are there other options than Dr Comfort?

  2. Nat Smith

    Nat Smith Active Member

    Vasyli do supply the Orthaheel adjust sandals along with the Dr. Comfort range. They're not bad, but personally I don't like them very much. The velcro straps aren't that long and hence, not very adjustable for anyone with any significant dorsal swelling. They do have the leather Sonoma wave thongs which are very popular I've found.

    The Dr. Comfort range has been very popular in my clinic and I would recommend stocking them, but you are right, there isn't a good sandal in the range.
  3. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    What do you call a sandal?

    Dr comfort have a new product called "Fisherman", the name is also the design name given to this type of product as in, a Derby or an Oxford..yes its all in the upper pattern.

    l have found the product good as the entire ankle strap can be removed for some of the more difficult clients, with AFO's, it is held on by velcro at both ends, quite clever.

    The whole range lends itself to be adjusted/modified by your local pedorthist quite well :D,
  4. Aussie_Bec

    Aussie_Bec Member

    We have had some problems with the soles wearing on the Dr Comfort shoes, and have heard of other podiatrists experiencing dramas with this too. Was told by Vasyli that they aren't designed to be worn "day in, day out" which is pretty much what your average diabetic/neuropathic elderley patient will wear them for, especially since we all tell them to wear good shoes ALL the time... investigate this before you go ahead and buy the stand. That being said, so far, all the patients who havent had wearing out problems have loved their Dr C's.
  5. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    We have had a couple with that problem also, so we offer a 48 hour sole replacement for $25 - $45 pending on the amount of wear.

    Talk to your local shoe repair guy or Pedorthist these soles are very easy to work with and bond well to EVA meaning you can keep the weight of the product down
  6. Jeff Root

    Jeff Root Well-Known Member

    Take a look at www.naot.com and click on the removable footbed link. Naot makes sandals with extra depth, removalbe footbeds that are designed to be orthotic friendly. We have found that our CAD/CAM manufacturing system works best because we can make a polypro device that fits well in the sandal and also creates reasonable functional control potential.

    Jeff Root
  7. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member


    I searched for quite a long time for sandals for orthotics - ie with removeable inlays that could be replaced by orthotics.

    Best I found was by Aetrex. Range is called Sandalistas. The removable footbed itself is actually quite good and the styles are good.

    I get them from a company in the UK called p2d - http://www.p2d.co.uk/

    They are shipped from the US

    Hope this helps

  8. DaveCOL

    DaveCOL Member

    Drew Shoe and NAOT.. NAOT is far superior in style and comfort then any other sandals that can incorporate an orthotic. The drawback is you cannot order directly from them. The marketplace would become too saturated.

  9. walkpod

    walkpod Welcome New Poster

    Bite or keen have some good sports sandals suitable for orthotic instalation!
  10. Jeff Root

    Jeff Root Well-Known Member

    Bite was acquired by Crocs a few years ago and now no longer makes sandals with removable footbeds.

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