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Use of textbook images (Root) in marketing

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Simon Spooner, Aug 21, 2011.


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    All, I was walking past a Foot Solutions store we have here in Plymouth UK yesterday and stopped to shelter from the rain under their porch. In the shop window was a TV screen showing a powerpoint presentation basically marketing MASS approach, no surprise given the owner of Foot Solutions (right -Ed?). Within the presentation were various images taken from Root's textbooks and basically slagging off Neutral Position Theory. I just wondered if any copyright infringement might be occurring here or are Foot Solutions paying Root laboratories royalty fees for use of their images?

    Someone might want to give Jeff a nudge...
  2. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Any mention of tissue stress theory in the presentation?
  3. What do you think? It was basically one of Ed's presentations I'd seen it before somewhere. He does own Foot Solutions though- right? I just thought it was rather rude to be using scanned in images from a textbook in a shop window display.

    Also wondering how they perform a MASS cast on an AMFIT system?

    Been getting lots of feedback lately from patients who've come away from this shop completely ****** off. Sell me a £5 prefab for £80 to keep me going until my £200 custom devices arrive, then I'm going to need a >£150 pair of shoes to fit them in.

    "Feels like prohibition baby give me the hard sell
    More give me more give me more more more
    I’m your yes man yes maam I’m your yes man
    Lord have mercy..."

    Where are my Pirelli calendar girls wrestling in body lotion?
  4. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    His obsession with Dr. Root and riding on his coattails via denigrating his work is reprobate Simon. At what point do these unprofessional antics become defamation and copyright infringement?

    I wasn't aware that Ed owned FS but I know that he sells SS insoles rebranded as CBAS through that retail outfit. I felt it was an important point back when Ed and his sheeple were here last.

    FYI, I have seen a number of SS insoles over the last year where the provider is not following the rigorous (sic) MASSSS training it is alleged is all important, prepares the foot for heel strike, guides the foot through midstance AND resupinates the STJ at toe-off (via locking the anterior facet of the...ad nauseum...excrement...blah). I made a point of questioning the patients how their foot was casted and demonstrated supination foam casting. Many report no such attention to detail and many are still pronating through the complaint device. Go figure ;)
  5. I see the illustrations that I have drawn over the past 20+ years being used in lectures in many seminars that I attend both as a speaker and as part of the audience. I appreciate it when lecturers acknowledge that they are "borrowing" my illustrations from my books, newsletters, book chapters and published papers. I get a little annoyed when they show my illustrations in their PowerPoint presentations with no written or verbal acknowledgement that they are using my illustrations.

    My wife has told me that I should have been like Frank Netter and put my initials or signature on all my illustrations so people would know that I actually drew them all myself. I guess I should have listened to her on this one since I think that many people assume that I have someone else doing my artwork for me in my publications.
  6. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Isn't it simple professional courtesy to acknowledge the source of your images used in a presentation, rather like referencing in a paper?

    Bill Liggins
  7. blinda

    blinda MVP

    I would say so. That`s why I asked Kevin for permission to use, and acknowledge, one of his illustrations in the verruca study that I am undertaking.

    Thank you, Kevin :drinks
    I hope you weren`t offended by being compared to Sam Neill

  8. He has a wikipedia page and I don't....how could I be offended?;)
  9. Bel:

    My favorite example of how people can only see one side of the coin in this regard was from about 8 years ago when I had been listening to lectures of a particular orthotic lab on foot biomechanics and orthosis therapy at a seminar where my illustrations formed at least a full third of the illustrations of the lecture, with very few illustrations being acknowledged as being my own. Then, the owner of the orthosis lab started complaining to me about seeing one of his illustrations being used by someone in a lecture without acknowledgement. I simply said that I sympathized since the lecturer from his lab had been using my illustrations all morning with little to no acknowledgement to me.

    The conversation ended there and I walked away. What more could I have said?
  10. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    50 bucks a time, paid in arrears?! :boxing:


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