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X-Ray in Ontario

Discussion in 'Canada' started by marzhardy@yahoo.com, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. marzhardy@yahoo.com

    marzhardy@yahoo.com Welcome New Poster

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    Most Ontario Chiropodists are unaware that if a Chiropodist has 4 years Chiropody School in Ontario due to the HARP Act that they are allowed to order, own and operate an X-ray machine. There are many Chiropodists who were trained in Europe, Australia, etc who have 4 years Chiropody School and are therefore qualified as per the terms of the HARP Act. I myself graduated from Michener and went on to receive an addition 1 year at Sunderland University in Durham, U.K., where I obtained my B.Sc., Podiatric Medicine as did may of my Colleagues and I therefore qualify to install an X-Ray machine and I am currently awaiting approval from MOHLTC, X-Ray Services.

    As you may well imagine, this does not sit well with the Ontario Podiatrists who have been working in conjunction with the CoCoO to try to block this from happening. Great Colleagues we have in Ontario.

    After receiving 8 complaints against my husband's foot clinic from the OPMA for such infractions as spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, having the words podiatry and podiatrist on his website, my husband has set up a website under www.ontariopodiatrist.info to shield the 4 Chiropodists who now work at his clinic from further complaints.

    We even had one so called respected Podiatrist place a complaint which was a complete bare-faced lie in order to try to bring down a so-called colleague. Thank god we were forewarned about this individual and my husband recorded his conversation with him and the College withdrew the complaint. What we can't understand is that this individual continues to sit on College committees even after he violated the College.

    Thought that i would vent and let the profession know how things work in Ontario. Currently there are 22 complains ongoing at the CoCoO, the majority placed by Podiatrists against Chiropodists.

    My husband was called 3 weeks ago by an investigator from the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Apparently he was stating on his website that he was a Doctor and stating that he was a consultant to the clinic, which he is. After a brief conversation the investigator sail he wouldn't even bother writing it up as it was frivolous. Off the record he told my husband that the OPMA places dozens of complaints to the College of Physicians and Surgeons against Ontario Chiropodists. Another way to hide under the cloak of secrecy. FYI, all the complaints by Ramsden and the OPMA were all withdrawn, but that is another story. Read my husbands website which he has just started to get going.


    Tell us more about this HARP Act. In what year it was enacted? Then perhaps in the context of the year that legislation was enacted, could you please define and clarify for the readers, the terms "chiropody" and "chiropodist" as they were applied in Ontario. Thanks in advance.


    Re: X-Ray in Ontario - In the Interest of Seeking the Truth


    For the convenience and benefit of the reader, I have attached above a link to the Healing Arts Radiation Protection (HARP) Act 1984, Ontario, Canada.
    As is implied, the legislation was enacted in 1984. There have been some amendments to the Act since then but none of those amendments apply to podiatrists or chiropodists in Ontario.

    Let us now put the year that legislation was enacted (1984) in the context of the practice of chiropody in Ontario. At that time all foot health practitioners registered to practice in Ontario were regulated under The Chiropody Act , 1944. Those practitioners were comprised mostly of US trained Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), a few (less than a dozen?) UK trained chiropodists and two graduate classes of Ontario trained chiropodists. Technically, they were all considered "chiropodists" because it wasn't until The Chiropody Act 1991 that a separate class of chiropodist members, those DPMs registered before July 1993, could be called "podiatrists".
    In 1984 I would surmise that the UK trained chiropodists graduated from potentially one of many possible educational programs most likely two years in length, but perhaps three - I am not entirely sure. The Ontario trained chiropodists were educated from a two year post high school diploma program. The US DPM program at that time was, and continues to be, a four year academic program. I believe it correct to say that in 1984 the US DPM program was the only four year chiropody or podiatry program in the world.

    Why is it necessary to point out all these subtleties? It is necessary to help the reader better understand and interpret the meaning in the HARP Act of the references to a "chiropody" program of four year's duration and the rights and privileges as they pertain to ordering and taking x-rays as they were meant to be bestowed by it in the 1984 context.

    Is the HARP Act legislation outdated? I believe the government has acknowledged that and is taking steps to modernize it. As a DPM I can certainly say that the legislation is grossly out of touch as it pertains to the diagnostic testing that employs ionizing radiation that DPMs are educated and trained to order and interpret as is recognized and supported by the fact that DPMs can order these studies in all US jurisdictions and two Canadian jurisdictions outside Ontario.

    As for some of the claims and statements made in earlier posts on this matter - well, that is something that the reader can decide now that you have the rest of the story ... :pigs:

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