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Full Time Work + "FREE" Accommodation

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by pjbramley, Jan 18, 2023.

  1. pjbramley

    pjbramley Active Member

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    Hinkler Podiatry is expanding and we are looking for a motivated podiatrist to join our team. In association with FootMotion Australia, Hinkler Podiatry has opened the first Queensland regional FootMotion store. FootMotion is an exciting new retail concept that uses industry leading technology and functional footwear to help make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.

    We are looking for a dedicated clinician with a strong interest in ongoing professional development to join our existing team of 7 Podiatrists. Our QiP accredited practice has a reputation for honesty, integrity and quality. We use the latest 2D gait analysis and gold standard 3D is coming. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and hands-on physical therapies. Our case load is varied with no nursing home work. We are currently increasing our focus to include premium footwear and specialist biomechanics clinics.

    We are offering:
    • Above award for new and experienced graduates + super and uniform allowance.
    • Graduate mentoring from university lecturers and sports medicine trained clinicians.
    • Relocation and accommodation assistance.
    • Education and workshops for immediate upskilling.
    • Paid post study and other inventive bonuses.
    • The opportunity to enjoy the sub-tropical lifestyle and health benefits associated with affordable living.
    Contact 0428743849 for more details, click on our QR codes in our flyer for more details, or forward your resume to
    to take your next step in your exceptional career.
  2. pjbramley

    pjbramley Active Member


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