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Discussion in 'Teaching and Learning' started by JaY, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. JaY

    JaY Active Member

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    To All of you Masterminds!

    Please enlighten me on a few topics for a post-grad research topic. I wish I could tell you my interests to make the process easier (hence why I am asking you for help...).

    I do know, however, that I am not interested in pure sports science or diabetes - I don't mind exploring these topics in minor detail if necessary though.

    My passion is lecturing and teaching people about things in simple and interesting ways.

    I love ingrown toenails too :butcher:

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Rob Kidd

    Rob Kidd Well-Known Member

    MMMMmmmmm. Try patterns of morphological variation - and what do they mean. By way of example - did you think a talus was a talus, was a talus? Now look again - the differences are subtle but they are there. And what do they mean? I used to argue that the words you should use as your battle cry were "Biology form and function". You may want to change that to "Biology, form, function and phylogeny". Now start reading..........
  3. Rob Kidd

    Rob Kidd Well-Known Member

    J, I have just noticed where you are from - humble yourself - ring Dr Zipfel - and speak to the local expert; tell him I sent you. Rob
  4. Dr. Steven King

    Dr. Steven King Active Member

    Aloha JaY,

    Nice proper use of the butcher hatchet man on this web site. He does like to whack ingrown nails.

    Our profession and patients would benefit from a little more brain power developing and testing maximalist gait systems.

    A Hui Hou,

    Co-Principle Investigator for SBIR A11-109 "Advanced Composite Insoles for the Reduction of Stress Fractures." US Department of Defense and Army Medical Research and Materials Command

    Maximalism must significantly and statistically enhance energy return, stability, protection and recyclability.
  5. JaY

    JaY Active Member

    What about topics relating to how allied professions helping us podiatrists? E.g. homeopathy helping with assessment and treatment of one's immune systems regarding VP treatment; and dietetics, involving the study of nutrigenomics and epigenetics in detailing if a diabetic is more susceptible to neuropathy or not...
  6. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I can direct you to the numerous postings on homeopathy on this site and others.

    Bill Liggins

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