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The Belgian Podiatry Lustrum Conference

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Kenva, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Kenva

    Kenva Active Member

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    Mark your calendar

    20 years of podiatry education in Flanders - Belgium
    The Belgian Podiatry Lustrum Conference is scheduled from Thursday March 22nd till Friday March 23th 2012.

    This two day programme with national and international speakers focuses on the evolution of the podiatric profession and deals with a variety of podiatric topics (biomechanics, footwear, technology,…) which changed because of continuous research and emerging advanced technological possibilities.

    For more details, please consult the Programme @ www.podiatryconference.be

    The conference is available for all podiatrists, podiatric students and allied professions.

    All lectures will be held in English

    Satellite Conference

    On Wednesday March 21st 2012 a satellite conference will take place focusing on the evolution of podiatric education, staff- and student exchange, …
    The programme of the satellite conference is available for all people interested in and/or related to podiatric education (content specific, organization, …)

    Please feel free to contact us if you want to participate during this conference or even suggest topics.

    Conference contact information
    For more information please contact: info.podologie@arteveldehs.be

    Hope to meet you there!
  2. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Thanks Ken,

    I'm hoping to attend this one and was struggling to find much information about it.

  3. Looking forward again to speaking in Belgium. It's should be a great conference. Definitely looking forward to the beer, chocolate, great Belgian waffles and, of course, seeing all my podiatry friends in Belgium again!
  4. yet again I just wished that the people organising these meetings would ask for an up-to date picture and biography, rather than just lifting one from the web which is 10 years out of date...
  5. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Simon, you make it sound as if it is not a nice picture;)

    I'm going to try and get along to this one so thanks Ken

  6. I guess you could send through a Bio and picture when you accept a talking engagement to stop all the problems.

    But it does seem a tad strange that people don´t ask !
  7. Kenva

    Kenva Active Member

    Sorry Simon,
    Would be happy to put up a newer version
    If you would be so kind and mail it to me, i'll get on it right away!

    Best wishes

  8. Kenva

    Kenva Active Member

    The satellite conference could be an opportunity to bring people together who are into Podiatry education.

    Talks on curriculum development, e-learning in podiatry, internationalisation are general topics...

    Interested in joining the discussion? Mail me



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