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Biomechanics Summer School 2014, Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Griff, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Members do not see these Ads. Sign Up.
    Hope to see some of you guys there.

    Was just syncing the World Cup fixtures with my phones diary and realised that the night before (Thursday 19th) there is an England game on. If anyone fancies a few beers in the hotel bar in front of the TV give me a shout

  2. What time is KO?
  3. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    I believe its currently scheduled for 8pm
  4. Deka08

    Deka08 Active Member

    I don't know if you veterans drink with commoners, but, sport and beer - I'll be there anyway.
  5. Trevor Prior

    Trevor Prior Active Member

    Count me in - are we sure they are showing it? Do we need to book a table at a sports bar?
  6. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    When I spoke to the hotel they said they would be showing it in the bar, but happy to do sports bar if you know of a decent one Trev
  7. Sorry I will miss the BSS 2014 coming up this weekend but it looks like a great seminar with lots of good lectures. To those who will be attending, please give Tom McPoil my best since I haven't seen him for many years and I always enjoy hearing Tom lecture. He is a very smart man.

    Good luck also to my mates, Simon Spooner and Simon Bartold with their lectures at the conference. The lectures look to be very interesting.

    Wish I could be there in Manchester but I'll be lecturing in Anaheim with Benno Nigg in a few days at the Western Foot and Ankle Conference. Hopefully I'll see many of you next year since I have already committed to lecture at BSS 2015.:drinks:drinks:drinks
  8. Thanks Kevin, good luck with your lectures at the Western too.

    My first lecture at BSS 2014 is on Zone of Optimal Stress (ZOOS). I just looked back at the thread on Podiatry Arena where between us we came up with that terminology and acronym. It was 1st June 2006 (where does time go?). I'd forgotten that the basis for that came from our STJ axis locator paper.

    Anyway, looking forward to the meeting and catching up with colleagues and friends.
  9. CEM

    CEM Active Member

    ok ok that's what i get for not being active and reading in the forums due to work commitments, if i had realised this was on i would have booked a slot for sure :hammer:

    next year i guess:D:D
  10. N.Knight

    N.Knight Active Member

    I was justing thinkg about this last night and was going to start a thread.

    So the plan to meet in the Bar at the hotel?

  11. Ian Reilly

    Ian Reilly Active Member

    Football and a biomech conference. Not the sort of thing you would normally see me at .... but you will, so see you in the bar for a beer...:)

  12. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    I'm in. Won't get there til 8.30ish so save me a seat. Light drinking Thursday night right? I'm up for a sports bar if Trevor has good inside knowledge
  13. DamionH

    DamionH Member

    Well, I'm not going to arrive until after ten, but I'll happily partake in a nightcap after a 10 hour shift and a drive from Kent!
  14. Well, how did the seminar go? Am interested in the lectures and the after-seminar extracurricular activities.
  15. N.Knight

    N.Knight Active Member

    Seminar went well Kevin, I think it safe to say we drowned our sorrows after England leaving the work cup. :)
  16. Sorry to see England (and Spain!) out of the tournament so early....hope it didn't dampen the spirits too badly at the after-seminar parties....hoping that USA makes it to the next round...keeping my fingers crossed....:drinks
  17. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    ....and don't forget what the All Blacks did to England in the rugby last night!
  18. It was great to finally put some faces to the names that contribute regularly on Arena and particularly enjoyed the musical contributions from Dave and Simon - a real pleasure. Many thanks for the kind invite to the meal from Bel and Langer - much appreciated.
  19. Deka08

    Deka08 Active Member

    Flew a long way for the course, and wasn't disappointed. The lecture quality was great, but really really enjoyed the workshops. I was going to single out a few but they were all great. Simon spooners testing for clinical prescription was good. The informal discussions about gait analysis with David Pratt - great. Christian Barton and Simon Bartolds were great also. And all relevant. An absolute smorgasbord of tips from experts, and colleagues participating. Well worth it, and will definitely pencil another in for a few years time.
    As for the poms losing, well, since I am heathrow departure lounge, I can now say that the silence as Suarez slotted his 2nd goal (and, really a great strike) was priceless.
    However, chatting with Tom McPoil about the Denver broncos and the Super Bowl made my day.
  20. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Some other breaking news from the last few days is that Trevor Prior and I have declared ourselves Belgian for the next 3/52. Delighted with this evenings win over Russia.
  21. N.Knight

    N.Knight Active Member

    What happens if Belgium get knocked out Ian, will you nationality change?

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