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Biomechanics Summer School, June 19-21, 2015,Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Kevin Kirby, Jun 18, 2015.

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    Finally got here to Manchester after spending a "lovely" four days on holiday in London. Now, we're getting ready for the 2015 Biomechanics Summer School here in Manchester and will speaking along with a great crew including Simon Bartold, Chris Nester, Geza Kogler, Ian Griffiths, Lee Herrington and Mark Gallagher. Should be a great conference and I'm looking forward to seeing many of my UK friends and colleagues here at the seminar.

    In addition, guess who I ran into at the Euston Train Station in London (see photo below) before our train ride to Manchester??? None other than Podiatry Arena's own...Griff. Ian told me that he is all ready to go for his lecture tomorrow morning. I'm really proud of you, Griff and how you have grown into one of the more talented podiatrists in the UK.

    Here's to a great seminar!:drinks
  2. Ian Griffiths (Griff) led off the first day of the seminar with his lecture, "Moving Away from "Over Pronation" and Toward Tissue Stress Theory" at the 2015 Biomechanics Summer School in Manchester, UK. He even had his own "groupies" in the front row that ripped off their tops, right in the opening minutes of his lecture, to show how much they approved of his lecture. Griff showed great composure regardless and gave a very nice presentation. Groupie photo courtesy of Dave James.
  3. N.Knight

    N.Knight Active Member

    Great show griff, hope you enjoyed the t shirts
  4. Two thirds of the "Tarsal Coalition" gave a performance at the Friday night gala dinner-dance at BSS 2015 accompanied by their official groupie, Queen Bel. Was a fantastic night!!
  5. Franklin

    Franklin Active Member

    Hi Kevin,

    Hope you are having a great conference down in my home city of Manchester, and I hope you and Pam have a wonderful vacation over here. Enjoy yourself!!

    Sincere regards and best wishes,

    Eric. :drinks

    P.S.: Weather a tad wet in York.
  6. Eric:

    Just got done with another great Biomechanics Summer School here in Manchester. The seminar was very well organized and flowed very smoothly. All the participants also seemed to be enjoying themselves....even after the late Friday night gala dinner and extracurricular activities in the bar into the wee hours of Saturday AM.

    The most amazing thing was that the seminar was still packed on Saturday morning for the lectures by Simon Bartold and myself. That was nice to see.

    Overall, it was very nicely run seminar and tissue stress concepts are very much alive and well and growing in popularity over here in the UK. My hats off to the Paul Fenelon and Langer crew for putting on another great biomechanics seminar.

    Pam and I also had a great week here in the UK. We are both looking forward to our next invite to come back to the UK to teach and see our UK podiatry friends. Hope to see you at one of these UK conferences.
  7. DaveJames

    DaveJames Active Member

    A quick shot of two-thirds of tarsal coalition in action, with groupies!

    Attached Files:

  8. The original "Tarsal Coalition" was Simon Bartold (guitar), Joe Hamill (guitar) and Kevin Kirby (vocals). The most recent edition of the "Tarsal Coalition"also includes Geza Kogler on percussion and vocals, including, of course, our famous "Tarsal Dancers".

    Too much fun! Great photo, Dave!!

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