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Eponymous terms of the foot and ankle

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by LuckyLisfranc, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member

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    Just thinking about the list of epoymous anatomical terms/pathology related to the foot and ankle today, considering I take the moniker of one.

    Can you think of more - and more importantly do you know about their historical namesakes?

    Any others you can think of?

  2. Rothbarts foot ;):dizzy::bash::bang::wacko:
  3. Donna

    Donna Active Member

    It's not technically foot/ankle but it can be caused by foot/ankle injury...

    Maisonneuve fracture... :drinks
  4. Secret Squirrel

    Secret Squirrel Active Member

  5. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member

    Ahhh yes. And of course; Mulder's click and Mulder's sign for neuroma, and Lachman's test for plantar plate instability.


  6. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Kirby Skive ... but to Kevin's credit he never named it after himself (like one of the ones mentioned above) and has always called it the medial skive
  7. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member


    Now we're getting moving into interventions...of which there would be another hundred or more just in surgical procedures, let alone the Fettig, Feehrey, Denton, Blake and other orthotic modifications.

    Any other anatomical/pathology one's?

  8. Euan McGivern

    Euan McGivern Active Member

    What about Haglund's Deformity and Helbing's Sign?
  9. andymiles

    andymiles Active Member

    charcot foot
    durlacher corn
  10. DaVinci

    DaVinci Well-Known Member

    Payne's Law:
  11. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member

    Just remembered: Kager's Triangle

    Thanks to all that have contributed so far. :D

  12. Nat

    Nat Active Member

    Lister's corn
    Jones fracture
  13. Sal

    Sal Active Member

    Great Post...........
    How about Tailor's Bunion? Called a Tailors bunion because it was thought that it came about because tailors (a long time ago) sat crosslegged causing the deformity.
  14. Frederick George

    Frederick George Active Member

    Severs Iselin's Freiberg's Jone's Fx
  15. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Hostler's nails (onychogryphosis was common in Hostler's). Who is old enough to remember what a Hostler was?
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2008
  16. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

  17. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    Hutchinsons sign.
  18. rvrdpm

    rvrdpm Welcome New Poster

    Hello All

    How about

    Lister's Corn &
    Sullivan's sign

    How medicine has changed! Now one would never see a Physician utilize his
    or her name as a descriptive term for a discovery or innovation.

    Hell we cannot even get fairly paid for what we perform and execute day in and day out.

    Anyway fun post. Let's me brush up on some of the terms I have forgotten.
  19. rvrdpm

    rvrdpm Welcome New Poster

    Sorry about the angry face...Oops. I meant a happy face. Hey I guess that's Freudian. :)
  20. Nat

    Nat Active Member

    Ha ha!
  21. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member

    Mortons Foot
    Bet heel ( North-east only)
    Helbings sign
  22. Ian Linane

    Ian Linane Well-Known Member


    My recollection and experience was it a term often linked to a nail that was gryphotic due to a horse stepping on the foot. Still find it amongst the horsey people or grooms and the all too rare blacksmith. So horsey related activity me things: Hostler's toe

  23. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Ian,

    Slightly (ish) off thread.

    Lost both my hallux nails to a 17 hand horse when I worked as a groom.

    Learned some new words that day too :rolleyes:

    PS. All the other grooms (6 in total, had similar injuries).

    How I've suffered.......... ;)
  24. Babinsky´s sign?
  25. Ian Linane

    Ian Linane Well-Known Member

    Hi Twirls

    "Lost both my hallux nails to a 17 hand horse ..."

    So that's what you yorkshire girls call your men then?:D

  26. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    Charcot foot
  27. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Um er! :eek:

    Am not really a Yorkshire lass. I moved here 16 years ago. ;)

    Kept my passport though so I think I am safe.

    Lost 'em in Hawley Equitation Centre {Circa 1983}.
  28. drsarbes

    drsarbes Well-Known Member

    Pott's Fx
    Ainhum's d
    Achilles tendon
    Bohler's triangel
    Duchenn's md
    Reiter's syndrome
    Sever's d
    Kohler's d
    Kaposi's sarcoma

    Man........there's a million of these!!!!!!!
  29. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Trench Foot.

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