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Foot to Brain Connection: Rothbart Strikes Again!!

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Kevin Kirby, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Does he not realise how harmful that this kind of continual self promotional pseudo science for a product that he has a commercial interest in is?
  3. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Who would have thought there was a connection from the foot to the brain:wacko:, as the state rep for the Australian Pedortich & medical Grade footwear Assoc. l was sent a promotional DVD, if anyone wants my copy let me know its not much use to me
  4. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    David, Top tip RE: promo DVD, they make top rate mug rests. ;)
  5. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Good thought, but here in Australia we go one better, we hang them in our fruit trees to scare the parrots away
  6. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Why not just play 'em and scare everything (and everybody) away?

    Bill Liggins
  7. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

    Bless, :empathy:

    I have heard that he has an open contract with the All Blacks to create an anti-choke orthotic range. He was quoted in the NZ Hearld

    'it's a tough ask but I am the man'.:hammer:
  8. That would be a cool thread, 101 things to do with brians DVD.

    I prefer to think of Brian as the Godfather of pain elimination. He has, after all, the network of followers and exists as the patriarc of the community. I picture him in a sunken bath with a fat cigar.

    "Kevin, you shows me no 'spect. You don't call me d Godfader no more. You are not a pard of d' family"

    Gotta laugh.


    Personally i use unwanted cds as cat taunters and my little girl loves playing peepo through the hole in the middle.

  9. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Robert are you a yorkshireman? Buy the child some toys.
  10. His laughable website just shows what type of person he is.........the self proclaimed "Father of Chronic Pain Elimination". :wacko:

    I could think of much better names for the man......
  11. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    They say confession is good for the soul.
    l have watched this DVD many times, the first two times after viewing, l stood up and scratched my head and walked away:confused:, before l watched the next few times l did more research on the man himself, the man is not silly...look at what he has to sell/pedal and he is selling it, very good marketing you cant deny him of that.
    If only l could market myself that good:eek:

    P.S if anyone has some more of brians educational DVDs please let me know, my fruit tree is lop sided
  12. David:

    What is your definition of "very good marketing" for a physician? Does it, in any way, include being truthful, ethical, and not giving people with severe health issues false hope that they can buy an insole and cure their medical problems? If you truly want to market yourself in this way, being deceptive to the lay public, there is nothing from stopping you, other than your own conscious.
  13. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Kevin, Please dont read into the text what is not there.:hammer:

    As for question of Ethics, l never made mention of his ethics or product, simply his marketing.
    l will take the high ground on the subject of Ethics everytime as l am sure evryone here will, there is no way l would market myself in that way ever.
    All l was saying(please read the text) is he is selling/"pedaling" product (seemingly) quite well when you consider what he is selling???????
  14. Dave:

    No harm intended for you and sorry that you have become caught in the middle of something I feel so strongly about. However, what this podiatrist is doing on the Internet with his insole product is a great embarrassment to me and to my profession and I want to make it very clear what I mean.

    My point is that just because an individual has a flashy website, selling a product with false advertising, with medical claims that can't be substantiated, this does not constitute this advertising to be, in my opinion, "very good marketing". I consider it, rather than "very good marketing", an example of deceptive, unethical advertising that is based on the premise that money can easily be made on selling of a useless medical device to desperate individuals to treat their serious and painful medical conditions.

    What would you say about someone selling sugar water mixed with ethanol as a "magic elixir" on the Internet that cures most medical ills from diabetes, to polio, to flatfeet to Parkinson's disease. Would you make the comment: "look at what he has to sell/pedal and he is selling it, very good marketing you can't deny him of that."??

    In my mind, there is a big difference between very good marketing of a product and deceptive advertising, especially when it comes to health care services or products. Therefore, one must be very careful of suggesting that what this individual is doing is in any way "very good" for anybody, or a "very good" example of anything, other than a "very good" way for him to put more money in his own wallet at the expense of desperate people in pain.
  15. LCBL

    LCBL Active Member

    Can anyone explain to me what a Prof/Dr is? I'm very confused :confused:
  16. Know you of such an elixir?!

    I'm sure its been done somewhere. I read a frightening bit on Badscience.com about homeopaths claiming to be able to cure aids. :mad::hammer:

    Perhaps it would be better to call it "very effective marketing" (you and your terminology kevin:p;)). Which it undeniably is considering how much money has been made selling such a crock. You've got to give him that. The man could sell sand to the saudis.

    If Brians ability to sell was matched by his clinical expertise we would all be flocking to learn at his feet (no pun intended).

  17. Robert:

    OK, so I do pay particularly close attention to the meaning of words that I write on an international academic forum for medical professionals. I probably got it from my mother, who was an English teacher for a short period of time and corrected my grammar relentlessly when I was a youth. Thanks Mom!!

    If I was to use the word "marketing" to describe the website of the "father of chronic pain elimination" (FOCPE), I would use the term "deceptive marketing", not "very effective marketing" or "very good marketing". Would you not agree, Robert, that this better describes what the FOCPE is doing? Here is what one of us should do about his antics on the Internet ........ Just Desserts for the FOCPE
  18. We love you for it Kevin.;). Keeps us all honest.

    As somebody who is keen on accurate terminology i'm sure you realise that both "effective" and "deceptive" are both adjectives which could be accuratly applied to the FOCPE (as well as some more unflattering ones which are, perhaps, best left unsaid. ) I would not wish to make a judgement on which better describes it. I suppose its a matter of context.

    Hows this. Its very effective deceptive marketing.:p That work?

    Perhaps somebody should speak to http://www.quackwatch.org/ . Personally i'd be far to frightened. The nearest i've been able to come to affording a lawyer is when one allowed my to keep his toenails after removing them.

  19. Come on this is crazy talk, the man's a genius and deserves recognition and adulation not all this hurtful stuff. Shame on you all. I hear he's even branching out into the animal kingdom with a special pair of technological inserts that can be strapped to 'roos feet to make them bounce higher and to cure Roobart's Hoof. Even spinal orthoticians love him to bits...


  20. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  21. Dunno who Kattou is - maybe he and Rhubarb are one and the same wrapped up in a multipersonality disorder just for fun. Who knows? Maybe the posture controle insole might help. Anyhow, I hesitate is posting any more ordure on this but just out of completeness, below is today's offering from www.thatfootsite.com Why isn't Rhubarb posting here anymore....did he get banned, barred, buggered or just bored?

  22. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Mark -- thats funny. ThatFootSite seems to be under some sort of spam attack from this guy. He just don't seem to get it. It is relatively easy to dismiss every single one of the above reports from simple and basic methodological issues. He does not do himself or Rothbart any form of credibility to blindily believe in the above stuff.

    I see Rothbart replied asking for the some evidence on the use of traditional methods of foot support. Just shows what other planet he is living on to not know about them, when there is now more than enough evidence for them to compile some meta-analyses on them.
  23. Brian A. Rothbart

    Brian A. Rothbart Well-Known Member

    14 years ago I presented my thoughts on the connection between the foot and the brain. You can read above how this was received.

    In January 2021 I downloaded a paper entitled: Alteration in Plantar Pressure Gradients (Foot Function) Linked to Alterations in Brain Wave Activity which presents qEEG evidence of this foot to brain link.
    Below is the abstract taken from this paper:

    A preliminary study was completed in 2018 on the proposed link between Plantar Pressure Gradients (foot function) and neural (brain wave) activity. A qEEG Nexus-32 multimodal neurofeedback machine was used to measure brain wave activity. Proprioceptive Insoles (manufactured by IARPT) was used to alter Plantar Pressure Gradients. The readings were then analyzed using Nexus BioTrace+ software. The resulting brain maps were compared (pre vs post proprioceptive stimulation) Results: The qEEG study provided graphic evidence that an alteration in the plantar pressure gradient (foot function) alters neural activity (brave wave function)
    Compelling preliminary study. More (in the works) to come.

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