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Fume extraction cabinets (glue fumes)

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by F. Fewster, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. F. Fewster

    F. Fewster Member

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    Hi Everyone

    I'm after advice on the best options for fume extraction when making orthotic adjustments using glue/heat guns etc.

    I would prefer something compact without the need for external ducting.

    What do others use and who are the best Australian suppliers?

  2. Bill Bird

    Bill Bird Active Member

    Hi. We have switched away from solvent adhesives which typically involve neoprene dissolved into toluene, which if not proven to be carcinogenic, is certainly not healthy to breathe. We have gone over to dispersion adhesives which typically involve neoprenes dispersed into less toxic mediums. This negates the need for thorough extraction, but rather just good ventilation just because fresh air is good for you.

    The dispersions generally can't be used as cold contact adhesives and have longer opening times, that is you have to wait longer for them to 'dry' before heat activating them. Also they have to be more thoroughly and accurately heated to achieve a good bond. The safest dispersion adhesives use water as a medium. These water based products take about 10 minutes to dry and require uniform heating to about 120 c to activate.

    Solvent adhesives are so easy and effective to use it is no wonder that their use caught on and they continue to be used, but they do need thorough extraction and removal of the solvents from the air before it is re-circulated.

    We still extract but just into the outside air as the fumes are not pollutant. We tried water based but have gone for a toluene free German product, Renia Top fit. In the UK a number of firms market this under their own label. http://www.algeos.com/html/products/adhesives/renia.html
  3. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    l dont know of any without external ducting, we use external.
  4. Bill Bird

    Bill Bird Active Member

  5. F. Fewster

    F. Fewster Member

    [Check4SPAM] RE: URL Attempt

    Thanks for your replies Bill.

    Do you (or any others) have any experience with the benchtop fume extraction cabinets that draw air upwards into a filter, as opposed to those that draw it down through a bench to a filter (as per the algeos models)?

    Egs of these types are at at www.vodex.co.uk or www.laftech.com.au

    Also can you use heatguns on the 'downdraft' models. A colleague mentioned this may be a fire hazard to the filters below?

  6. Vodex

    Vodex Welcome New Poster

    [Check4SPAM] RE: URL Attempt

    Hi All

    Heatguns can be used on certain models of downdraft extraction units. We at Vodex have supplied these for Podiatry adhesive applications and can supply a large range of non ducted recirculatory and ducted cabinets, but our stainless steel downdraft cabinet is a great option as it extracts fumes downwards (esp. As many solvents are heavier than air).. More can be found here https://www.vodex.co.uk/production-...ard-enclosures/w-series-downflow-workstations

    As a major supplier of extraction systems to the NHS and Podiatrists, our dust extraction units are also recommended for localised extraction for nail dust and particulates that are airbourne and hazardous to health.

    We supply all over the world but if anyone out there requires more help with product choice we are only an email away or call us - contact info can be found on the website at www.vodex.co.uk

    Kindest regards

    Paul Riddick
    Technical Director @ Vodex Ltd

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