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Graduate Podiatrist looking for work in Australia

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Samirapod2016, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Samirapod2016

    Samirapod2016 Welcome New Poster

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    Hello my names Samira I have just qualified as a Podiatrist with a 2.1 BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Northampton and I am looking to relocate from the UK to Australia if the right opportunity presents itself. I have also started my Masters module in the At risk foot and have an interest in clinical Biomechanics and wound care. I also have some private practice experience.
    Potential employers please don't hesitate to get in contact

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Samira,

    We have 3 new graduate opportunities open at present (1 is an immediate start).
    We offer excellent mentoring and support for new graduates.

    May I ask what sort of time frame you are looking at? Are you looking for visa sponsorship as well?

    many thanks,


  3. Samirapod2016

    Samirapod2016 Welcome New Poster

    Im looking to start hopefully by the end of this year, yes i am also looking for visa sponsorship. Could you please tell me more about your practice?, and the support you offer graduate podiatrists?.


  4. Canuk

    Canuk Active Member

    Hi Samira,

    I own a Clinic in Coffs Harbour NSW and I am looking for another Full time Podiatrist. We are in NSW North Coast about 3.5 hrs from Brisbane by Car. Coffs is a growing community of around 80,000 people. Coffs Harbour is noted as the best climate in Australia. It has a warm summer with no humidity and a mild winter. I can and I am willing to sponsor on a 457 Visa as I am registered for the Visa already. I can help with info on all Visas as I and my family came on a Skilled migration visa. I am a UK trained Pod myself. If interested in talking about your visa or the role in our clinic email me on awhitepodiatrist@hotmail.com

    Let me know if you would like to skype

    Kind Regards

    Alan White
  5. Pod2010

    Pod2010 Active Member

    Hi Samira,

    I have a full time position available in Sydney Australia and am able to sponsor you on a 457 visa.

    Please email me at pod2010@hotmail.com
  6. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Welcome Samira! How good is that! Podiatry Arena certainly opens up borders! :welcome:

    Good luck with the process of joining us down under.

  7. AngelaHolland

    AngelaHolland Active Member

    Hi Samira,
    I hope this finds you well. I am seeking a Podiatrist for my Mount Isa practice which is located in Northwest Queensland. The practice is very diverse covering all aspects of Podiatry and as it is the only private podiatry practice in that area, very busy!
    I have a long history of employing UK podiatrists on 457 visas and I am a preapproved sponsor. The position details are:

    • Generous remuneration plus bonus
    • Company car
    • Accomodation including utilities
    • Flights
    • 5 weeks annual leave/annum
    • CPD and Liability insurance allawances

    Further opportunities available for the successful applicant
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require more detailed information regarding the position.
    regards Angela
  8. BrigidNSTT

    BrigidNSTT Member

    Hi Samira. We have a position going in Melbourne. Shoot me a message if you'd like to learn more.
  9. Hi Samira, We have a Multi Disciplinary Allied health Clinic in Alice Springs in the Center of Australia.
    I'm looking to replace our retired podiatrist.
    Would love to hear from you if you are still looking for work and sponsorship.
    Kind regards
    Sharon Everett
    08 8953 5601
    0428 463 991
  10. Dimple Care

    Dimple Care Active Member

    Hi Samira,
    Would you be interested in joining Australia's leading aged care podiatry company?
    We can offer you a truly unbeatable work-life balance so you can do the work you love and have time for your other passions.
    Please send me through your CV and I am sure i can make you an offer you couldn’t refuse.
    Warm regards,
  11. belindapod

    belindapod Welcome New Poster

    Hi Samira,

    I have a position available in regional NSW. I have been approved for sponsorship. Contact me on 0269621388 and I can give you details on the position.


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