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New Graduate OR Experienced Podiatrist – Early 2020 - Hobart, Tasmania

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by solefixpod, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. solefixpod

    solefixpod Welcome New Poster

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    New Graduate OR Experienced Podiatrist – Claremont Podiatry, Hobart, Tasmania
    Full / Part Time - 15 to 38 Hours / Week

    An exciting opportunity has presented at Claremont Podiatry for 2020. We are seeking a motivated, team orientated, passionate Podiatrist to join our experienced team in Hobart, Tasmania.
    We are a progressive private clinic established for over 30 years with an excellent reputation for providing the highest standard of care to our loyal patient list. The clinic offers a full scope of practice managing all areas of podiatry from complex biomechanics to general podiatry care.

    Our clinic offers;
    · A stand-alone clinic with 3 spacious equipped treatment rooms
    · Full administration support including sterilisation
    · A small onsite orthotic modifications room
    · 3D Foot Scanning & CAD Designing software to offer EVA / 3D printed orthotic devices

    Our clinic is a progressive and innovative one with a view to invest in our clinic and our staff to offer more podiatric services/technology to our community.

    We are looking for an experienced podiatrist or a new graduate to join our team in early 2020 with a flexible start date. The position will be completely tailored to the individual at hand to make this a fantastic opportunity to join our team in a full time or part-time manner.

    What we can offer you;

    · Experienced team with mentoring and paid CPD education opportunities.
    · Flexible and tailored position that best suits both the right candidate and the clinic.
    · Excellent remuneration and attractive bonus structure
    · Friendly and professional staff and clinic environment

    This position offered is mainly clinical with a small amount of service, business and clinic duties. A high amount of general caseload is offered in this position but with our new direction under new ownership, we will be growing in biomechanics, orthotics, sports podiatry and paediatrics caseload.

    Depending on your experience level and career passions, we will provide weekly one-on-one mentoring to develop your clinical skills and career! We are looking for someone to add to our professional yet fun culture.
    We have some exciting things on the horizon & this is an exciting opportunity for a podiatrist to start or continue their career.

    Please send a cover letter and resume with the subject “Your Next Podiatrist.” By Friday, 20th December. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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