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Hello and any tips on autoclaves!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jules41, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Jules41

    Jules41 Welcome New Poster

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    Hi - newbie here

    Im a student FHP hoping to qualify end of March. Im just in the process of looking around to see what I need to set up my business and have entered the v confusing world of which autoclave to get!

    I understand the difference between vac and non vac - but what size to get? 126 or 134 temp? Printer? Make / model?

    Does anyone have any advice for someone starting out who quite frankly at this stage doesnt have a clue?!!!!

    thank you
    Julie :)
  2. Hi julie, good luck with your studies, i have a prestige 2100 classic and most of the FHP's in my area do, never had a problem with it. Who are you studying with? They will advice you on the best ones. Also depends on if you go domicillary or surgery. Where abouts are you for setting up your business?

  3. Jules41

    Jules41 Welcome New Poster

    Hi Jenni

    Many thanks for replying, any advice is appreciated. I am studying with the SMAE Institute in Maidenhead and have my clinical training in 3 weeks time. Pretty apprehensive as not sure what to expect but looking forward to it at the same time. Live in Dorset and will be domicillary. Are you FHP too or Chiropodist, Podiatrist?

  4. im a FHP i trained with the SMAE 4 years ago, dont be apprehensive, they are lovely and if you dont understand just ask, they are all very approachable. I wish you huge amounts of good luck and enjoy it.

  5. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    Hello Jules,
    If you are starting out with the intention of being a serious practitioner then you will need to invest in the best equipment you can get. I assume you will be starting out as domicilary, so I would suggest a vacuum autoclave that will come with integral printer, so you will have a log of all your cycles. This will help in the process of instrument traceability in the event of litigation.
    Obviously it will reduce the handling instruments as they will be sterilized in bags which makes for better cross infection control.

    I wonder why you are raising this question on a forum? Doesn't your training organisation advise on this topic and give you guidelines on sterilization and de-contamination procedures?


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