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Hello from deepest darkest Africa

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dennis Rehbock, Jul 19, 2009.

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    Hello everyone. I am Dennis Rehbock from Johannesburg South Africa.

    I am one of the first podiatrists to qualify here in South Africa in 1980. Also we are the ONLY training school in the whole of Africa.

    I am in private practice in Johannesburg and lecture part time at the Johannesburg University Podiatry Department.

    We have just had the Craig Payne Biomechanics Boot Camp at our Congress here in South Africa and that got me to join this forum.

    Thanks for the interesting time Craig. Made us THINK.
  2. Gibby

    Gibby Active Member

    Welcome, Dr. Dennis.
    My dream has been to come to S.A. and see old friends from college (Tulane, New Orleans, LA, USA) and to go on some sort of a tour/safari. The economy has made that dream unlikely... So, for now, I just watch on the Discovery Channel and on NatGeo TV.

    Have a great day-
  3. Andy J

    Andy J Member

    Hello Dennis,
    I was a student of yours in the 80's - Andrew Jardine
    Welcome to the Podiatry Arena!!
    I left JHB in 1999, and after spending 2 years in UK (waiting for visa), arrived in Melbourne in 2001. I am working in private practice here, as well as at a chronic wound clinic at one of the large hospitals in Melbourne. (Austin Repatriation Hospital)
    I am atill in touch with Barrie White & will send him the link to join.
    Hope you are keeping well & still running your marathons ????? (or no time for that anymore??)


  4. drsarbes

    drsarbes Well-Known Member

    Welcome Dennis:
    Like many, I have also wanted to visit "deepest darkest africa" - if only it were closer!
    I have a friend who owns a vineyard in South Africa, Beau Jobert Wines.
    Perhaps if I visit him I can give a quick talk on Foot/Ankle surgery for the Podiatry Department and write the trip off !!!!
    (assuming Obahma leaves me anything to write off )

  5. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Welcome Dennis, perhaps you can set up tours for Podiatrists "on the side" ;-)).
    You have certainly made many new friends very quickly well done.
    The boot camps certainly do make us think.
    I'm off to another one of many in November.

    I also Graduated the same year as you. :)) Was certainly a good one!!

  6. Vernon Lever

    Vernon Lever Active Member

    Hey DR nice to see you on this forum. I have also joined and am finding my way. Quite a great site I think. Talk soon. Vernon Lever

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