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hello !!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by nasia, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. nasia

    nasia Member

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    Hello to everyone

    I am a 3rd year student , studying in Brighton University and hopefully I will be

    graduating in June.

    I hope you all had lovely Christmas and best wishes for the New year to all of you !!!

    Nasia :santa2:
  2. We'll see. Depends on your placement feedback ;).

    Registering here is a good move.
  3. nasia

    nasia Member

    heheh hello Mr Isaacs

    Thank you for the reply.I am sure it is a very helpful webite.

    Me and my friend are looking forward to our January placement. Lets wish for

    positive placement feedback for the New Year !!! :)
  4. It might take you a few years to realise HOW helpful! The folk here are the best of the best and they give of their time with immense generosity. Ask Professor Kirby, Eric Fuller etc a question, they will answer you. Personnally. You can't buy opportunity like that!

    Here's fun. Your positive feedback next year will be enhanced (enthusiasm and the willingness to seek your own educational oppertunities are two things I will be marking you on) if you start a thread on the main forum with a clinical or research question. Doesn't have to be anything earth shattering.

    Extra credit for enthusiasm.
  5. Hi Nasia,

    Where your placement is going to be based. I came across podiatry students from Brighton Uni undertaking their placement in Croydon PCT.

    Not long to go. Make sure you continue to work hard and if you need any help get in touch in this forum.

    Robert you are an expert yourself. Too humble this guy!!

    I am just about to have my turkey sandwitch lunch.. :)
  6. Nah, I'm just a student. ;)

    But thankyou anyway.
  7. nasia

    nasia Member

    Mr Isaacs I also believe that enthusiasm is the only way to develop and give our best in any

    profession so I do agree on being marked for this aspect.

    Hello Mario , Thank you for replying !!

    I will be having my second block of placement in Maidstone, Kent. It is very

    interesting as we get the chance to see and do various things that we don't usually have at

    University. I am definately using this website for any questions. 6 more months to go. What

    about you? Where are you studying??

  8. I am just working as a private podiatrist so to gain experience and enhance my cpd. :D

    I have recently applied for MSc so hopefully I will be hearing from the uni to whether I got in!! :butcher:

    Where are you from? If you do not mind me asking of course.
  9. nasia

    nasia Member

    This sounds like a good plan, I wish you good luck with your applications.

    Im from Cyprus and I can tell from your username that you are Greek !!! Is that right ??

  10. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    I wouldn't worry too much - as long as they get their cheque for your tuition fees then you'll be fine ;)
  11. nasia

    nasia Member

    By the time we get to 3rd year ..we are always more worried and scared because you never

    know what can happen. Lets hope for a happy ending !!! :)

    thank you for your reply Ian
  12. gl72

    gl72 Member

    hey friend, cool post :D

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