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Joining SOCAP

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Craig Payne, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator


    Members do not see these Ads. Sign Up.
    As I visit the UK a lot, I thought I might join SOCAP be be better informed of UK issues .... of I go to the SOCAP website .... there is no way to join and no application form to download. There is no email address for membership inquires, just a 'contact us' form (which do tend to have track records of being unreliable). ... ok, I filled it out ..... I guess I was right about the unreliability of 'contact us' form, as it took them over a week or so to respond (every other organisation I deal with like this usually respond immediately!).

    Guess what the response was? 'If you are attending the Society’s conference in Harrogate please visit the Society stand where you can collect an application form' !!! You must be joking? As I explained in the 'contact form' --- my reasons for wanting to join and that I am in Australia!! .... wouldn't you kinda assume that I NOT attending the conference!

    I replied several days ago, that I was in Australia and NOT going to the conference ... still no response and still no application form...

    don't figure .... and don't get it
  2. Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    Sounds like business as usual at The Society then, Craig. Welcome to shamopody UK.
  3. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  4. Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    Why don't you write and complain, Craig? They'll probably put a sub-committee together; bring the various same old, same old faces together and provide them with expenses and lunch to discuss it. It's a good job that the membership, myself included, aren't paying the salaries of the people who should be dealing with your enquiry. Wait a minute....... Doh.:bang:
  5. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?


    I am not sure what the problem is- if you go to the public site- feetforlife.org and click on About SCP on top menu , you will get membership application form to download and contact phone numbers.

    We dont call it SOCAP anymore by the way.

  6. Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    No? Is that because it sounded too much like SOCRAP?:D Only joking, or am I?
  7. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    Whoops - you right I missed that previously or did not access it properly (my lame excuse for missing it ... is I guess when you hover over the About SCP, its says 'members area' on the drop down menu and then you get 'access denied' so guess i did not go any further -- should have clicked on the About SCP and not the dropdown - my bad - they could have made it clearer). Why did they not reply and point me to the link!
  8. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    I give up ....
  9. Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    See this: :craig: That's you, that is.

    Those of us based in the UK deal with things like this on a daily basis, that's why we develop a stiff upper lip and a blitz mentality :bash: (No xenophobic or racist intimations meant).

    Even the comedians are leaving. When the quintessential English gentlemen, Stephen Fry, expresses an interest in becoming a U.S. citizen, you know the ship's going down :sinking:
  10. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    I am a fully pd up member in Australia and had no problem getting "overseas" or "non-practicing" membership in two other countries .....

    In case no one gets this joke, you need to click on reply and click on the :craig: icon and you will see what it means.
  11. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?


    With respect, I probably wouldnt be able to join your state association nor APMA on the strength of my UK training.
    There may be associate membership for overseas practitioners, I dont know, but I am sure you wouldnt want the full package anyway as it includes insurance. How about subscribing to the journal of the society-Podiatry Now?

  12. Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    You also need to click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nCKYEM8qRc and get past the non-politically correct bit's- that'll be all of it then. See it through to the end.
  13. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    You can. Our state has a non-practising membership and the APMA has an 'overseas' membership (both at very reduced rates) - neither category can be used if you actually working in our state or in the USA
  14. Re: Why is SOCAP so hard to join?

    And just think what "the Society" could do with the additional income earned via over-seas membership fees. They could fund an archeological dig in the back-yard of the offices, to see what archaic relics they might find. On second thoughts, don't think, don't crack any obvious jokes. That way everyone stays happy and the Status Quo is maintained and set to be rockin' all over the world. D' Ya' think? I've told you once :morning:
  15. Nads

    Nads Member

    :welcome: Just a little correction we are the SCP NOT SOCAP :empathy: this changed years ago. Before critisizing the SCP I first suggest you all get the name correct. As for not answering imediately I the SCP has a small staff and has thousands of enquiries so they will take a couple of days to reply. I suggest you all learn to take a step back and learn the art of patience. Which I know is very hard for some of our overseas collegues.
    If you still have no joy why don't you phone the SCP on +44845 450 3720 or write with contact details to The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, 1 Fellmongers Path, London, SE1 3LY.
    I hope this helps our overseas collegues.
  16. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Why can't they just respond in a timely manner to the 'contact us' form on the website?
  17. Nads

    Nads Member

    They do reply in a timely manner it's just your all too impatient! Read my previous thread again. As you know the UK has staffing problems due to financial instability ( obviously not the same in Australia!!) finances are tight everywhere!! So learn patience then you will live longer and not die of high blood pressure related disorders!!
  18. R.E.G

    R.E.G Active Member


    Why do you think joining SOCAP the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals will make you better informed of UK issues?

    Assuming you mean UK podiatry issues, you seem to have made enough comments to date with out 'information'.

    Society fees are around £320, associate membership is available at about £80.

    Save your money get your buddy Simon to give you access to the members web site, and subscribe to Pod Now. Does your University not take that journal?

    In the meantime wait for the 'new long awaited' Web site and the potential change of name when they drop Chiropodist.

    Ex SOCAP member, but defensive Brit.

    PS well done on the apology front Gordon is saving it for a pre election boost.
  19. Nads

    Nads Member

    "Why do you think joining SOCAP the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals will make you better informed of UK issues?"
    well said R.E.G if only everyone could check their facts we would live in a much calmer society.
  20. Spike

    Spike Member

    Joining SCP (not SOCAP - how outdated are you?) is simple.

    Info on SCP site and application form is downloadable. May be difficult if you don't fit the criteria.....or maybe you're just being a payne in the arse.

    I have been a member for many years and detest pods who constantly knock it. SCP is made up of it's members, so don't knock me! Not happy, then join SCP and put your money where your mouth is and make changes.

    I'm proud to belong to one of the best AHP professional bodies that exists. Put up or shut up is my motto!
  21. Nads

    Nads Member

    I am an active member of SCP and have been for years. As Spike said if you knock SCP you knock your fellow collegues! Dont knock that which you have limited knowledge! The SCP works very hard for its members! I am very proud to be a member of both SCP And HPC giving us stability as a profession and stopping untrained people treating volnerable people.
    Please dont knock SCP as they do an excellent job.
  22. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    I have to disagree on your point about the "HPC giving us stability as a profession and stopping untrained people treating vulnerable people. "

    Do you seriously believe this?

  23. R.E.G

    R.E.G Active Member


    You beat me to this, but failed to add the role of the Society.

    We all know that the Society supported the role of Age Concern in providing volunteer 'nail cutters, ie the 3rd sector.

    We also know (or those who are in the know) that the Society is about to support the use of scalpels by unsupervised Podiatry assistants.

    The Society have yet to challenge the effectiveness of the HPC in 'protecting the public', and are unlikely to do so irrespective of the massive file of evidence now in the CEOs possession.

    The HPC does NOT stop unqualified people performing Shiropody, it protects a title not a function.

    Arguably the SCP does have some merits but not IMHO those described by Nads.

    Hence an ex SCP member.


    If you are dissatisfied with the SCP you have two choices, get involved or leave. I tried the first I ended up taking the second. But do not slag it off and sit on your arse.
  24. Bob, what do you know of what I've previously been involved with in terms of the SCP? Very little to nothing, right? So don't talk out of your arse because you don't know the facts. I've never sat on my arse and done nothing, what are your contributions to the profession here in the UK and internationally? AND don't ever tell me what to do in such an abrasive tone.
  25. ladyfaye

    ladyfaye Active Member

    This is an intersting thread and I admire the loyalty shown by members to the SCP.Yes I am a member and as a member of other Podiatry Professional Associations I have to say that I do believe that SCP works hard for its members and certainly is one of the best there is.

  26. Nads

    Nads Member

    How dare you REG! I am outraged the SCP does not want scalpel wealding assistants! I am on the ADA ( Annual Delegates Assembly) and this was discussed this year and the SCP are catagorically against it! I think you tone is abusive and you need to get your facts straight!!
  27. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    I am not sure why you still belong to SCP when you so openly slate it?

    I agree with what you say- the SCP has let me down as a PP, and seems to be driven by the needs of the NHS/government.

    I do not belong to other bodies, but I would say that a big problem is that members of SCP are totally ignorant of most things that are going on! I think REG gave a good summary of how we as members have been sold down the river already.

    As for the HPC- its a joke, granted not a very funny one.

  28. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    I am not sure why you are so outraged? Simon said worse!

    I must point out that being on the ADA does not give you insight into the inner sactum of the society- it just means that you went through the motions-literally- that purport to be a democratic process.

  29. R.E.G

    R.E.G Active Member

    Bob, what do you know of what I've previously been involved with in terms of the SCP? Very little to nothing, right? So don't talk out of your arse because you don't know the facts. I've never sat on my arse and done nothing, what are your contributions to the profession here in the UK and internationally? AND don't ever tell me what to do in such an abrasive tone.


    Equally what do you know about what I have been involved in in the Society, probably Nothing?

    Simon talking out of arses seems to be one of your specialties so I have to defer to you on that!

    And exactly what are your contributions, here in the UK and Internationally?

    Have you yet produced a unified theory of pathomechanics? And why is Robert I now the lead writer on Biomechanics for the Society?

    And please do not 'threaten me because I've seen you and you ain't big enough to stop me'.

    Yes we have met and then you were head of a school of Pod, had zero vision of where education could be expanded had no interest in enabling Society Branch advancement, have never in my time got involved with your local branch, did for a short period enable some Biomechanical work shops with some promising students, one of which is now prominent in the Society special interest group and still in education.

    Apart from that unless you are part of the inner circle you so despise you are invisible.

    So please do not slag me off, it is so unprofessional.

    Last edited: Nov 19, 2009
  30. R.E.G

    R.E.G Active Member


    sorry if you think I have been abusive, and yes I know what the ADA said, I used to talk at the ADAs.

    But be patient, band 4 pod assistants will wield scalpels the training courses are already in place and the SCP will accept them into membership.

    Sorry no longer my problem I left over it.
  31. Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms. Cornmerchant, I openly "slate it" you say, while you don't openly write anything here, do you? What I've openly done in this thread is find some empathy with Craig's situation. I too have experienced the snails pace of reply that often comes from the Society. I have poked fun at some of their flaws- they did report the archeological dig in the garden of the offices- wow. Having an insight into some of the Society's workings and having visited the offices on many occasions, I have witnessed first hand some areas that I believe "could be improved upon" (the last time I was there the heating was turned up so high I quite literally melted into a puddle on the floor), just as I, as a reflective practitioner, recognise in myself "areas for improvement" on a daily basis. Overall, the SCP are the SCP, they have their good points and they have their bad, just because here I have pointed to some of their flaws doesn't mean that elsewhere I might not point to some of their achievements and positives. Like I said to R.E.G. what have you done for the profession lately? As you choose to remain anonymous on this forum, I have no idea. As you know, your anonymity allows you a lack of accountability, which is maybe why you choose to remain that way?

    "Don't cast judgement on others, or you might get judged too" Monty Python- The life of Brian
  32. R.E.G

    R.E.G Active Member


    I googled you and what did I find


    All reads pretty 'standard' to me.

    So your PHD was in inherited foot problems, where did that go then?

    Google David h far more impressive.

    So obviously your practice is not pure biomechanics, so what is your favored treatment for verrucca?

    And what do you charge for home visits?

    Fraternally Bob
  33. Bob, here's a brief synopsis of what I've done: I was one of the first PhD podiatrists in the UK. I've lectured at national and international conferences, been involved in under-graduate education for a number of years, completely re-designed the undergraduate podiatric education syllabus at the University of Plymouth, provided post-graduate education to a number of NHS trusts, acted as a professional reviewer to the British Journal of Podiatric Medicine and to the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, sat on a couple of committees at the Society, appeared on TV and radio a few times promoting the profession. I have published research and I am continually involved in research. I now run a busy private practice attracting patients from as far afield as Denmark and Kuwait to visit me.

    You were once involved with the Cornwall branch of the Society, I met with you once where-upon you tried to convince me that the University should be providing free CPD for your branch members. We were already providing free CPD to members of the NHS trust from Cornwall to Gloucester to Dorset. I did not see the need for the University at that time to provide CPD to private practitioners also. But later personally gave a number of free lectures that your members could attend.

    A unified theory of pathomechanics already exists, as previosuly described in the literature (and I'm not talking about Paul Harradines work), so why would I need to re-describe it?

    Robert, writes his column for the magazine of the Society because he asked them if he could and they said yes.

    I've slagged you off how? Who is being unprofessional here? "I've seen you and you ain't big enough to stop me". Nice.

    Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Un-professional, don't make me laugh, you wouldn't know professional if it came up and bit you on the arse.
  34. Bob, That's cool that's an advert for my business, google SK Spooner I'm third in the list. If you look a little further you'll find more. Try some other key words- think of it as free CPD, my gift to you. If you know anything about internet search engines, you'd realise the link you just gave adds to my business- thanks. I googled you and couldn't find you. Say no more.

    Are you slagging off people who do home visits now, too? My local G.P. does home visits, so ?
  35. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    I do not have an axe to grind with you, I merely asked why you stay with the society if you think they are "SOCRAP" -your words not mine.

    I do not need to explain to you why I stay anon. It is not relevant. I certainly do not need to justify myself and my professional standing to you.

  36. Nor I, to you. IT WAS A JOKE.
  37. R.E.G

    R.E.G Active Member

    Oh dear Simon

    What a mixture mixture of self promotion and venom.

    I too attract patients world wide, Israel, Alaska Holland Belgium, Bulgaria Spain,Dubai so what?

    We have also shared patients it would be unprofessional for me to comment.

    So what makes you so professional and me so unprofessional?

    Your charm?

    Or perhaps your association with SMAE's journal?

    Now sitting on a Society committee, big deal, yep done that.

    Your contribution to NHS training was I'm sure admirable, however I NEVER requested free CPD for the Cornwall branch the then head of services for the Cornwall NHS and I explored a joint funded initiative which obviously you failed to understand.

    The origional concept of SCP CPD was that it would be delivered by the universities hence the 'accademic' way in which it was written. The Universities failed to rise to the challenge (quote from a former head of Podiatry at Plymouth Uni), hence it became an earner for private providers.

    Your take vs mine.

    Big boys fighting well? What is it you watch football or rugby?

    Bet Robert will be pleased to hear your opinion on his educational efforts in the 'magazine'.

    Radio mmm quite a few personalities have gone on that.

    So it seems it's down to my arse. Saw the comedian from the 'Royals' whose catch phrase that was and walked out.

    However I am interested in a final explanation on how orthotics work, and the mud pie theory.

    respectfully Bob
  38. The rest was drivel, on this you caught my interest. When and how have I ever been associated with SMAE's journal?

    Anyway, enough about me, tell us all about your contributions to the profession, Bob.

    BTW, my game is rugby, you are welcome to join me on the pitch whenever you feel fit.
  39. Foot orthoses work by altering the kinetics at the foots surface interface. I don't know what a mud-pie theory is. I am familiar with a meat pie theory, but that is another story.

    Robert Golding, ladies and gentlemen. Lets hear it for him.

    Goodnight Bob.
  40. R.E.G

    R.E.G Active Member

    Thanks Dr Spooner,

    The debate has been edifying, but possibly we have now exhausted it mustn't bore the readers too much.

    I really would like to know what the' meat pie' theory was (sorry about the mud bit too late for my aging brain) as I seem to remember lots of the EVA orthoses made at Uni resembled them, and the loyal old patients swore they worked, which ever shoe they put them in.

    Have a very good day,

    Bob Golding

    PS Good discussion on the dropping of Chiropodist from the Society's title on the Society Forum, I think Craig may be interested in that.

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